Blu-ray Review: Mad Men (Season Five)

If you haven’t been won over by Mad Men yet, then this season most likely isn’t going to change your mind. »»

Just Seen It TV Review: Mad Men Retrospective [Video]

As Mad Men starts its fifth season, David and Leah look back at the cultural impact of the show and what can be expected in the new season. Mad Men follows the world of marketing in New York City in the early to mid-1960s and the people who sell thos »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Friends with Kids [Video]

Julie’s biological clock is ticking, so she convinces her best friend, Jason to father a child with her. Unlike their married friends, they have an easier time as parents without the complication of being in a relationship. But as they star »»

Friends With Kids - Review

Adherence to formula kills ending »»

Seven Clips from Friends with Kids Starring Adam Scott, Jon Hamm, Megan Fox, Kristen Wiig, Jennifer Westfeldt and Maya Rudolph

Seven new clips from the quirky indie comedy Friends with Kids have been released. You can view them below. Plot Summary: Friends With Kids, written and directed by Jennifer Westfeldt, is a daring and poignant ensemble comedy about a close-knit »»

Jon Hamm And Kristen Wiig No Longer Sex Buddies In Friends With Kids Trailer

Trailer for upcoming comedy includes some of the cast of Bridesmaids along with Park and Rec's Adam Scott. »»

Monday Morning Critic - Sucker Punch, Paranormal Activity 3

A look at Sucker Punch on DVD and a quick examination of Paranormal Activity 3 »»

Three Minutes Worth of NSFW Bridesmaids Outtakes

Just a small sampling of what we can expect on the Bridesmaids DVDs. »»

Bridesmaids - Review

Girls just want to have raunchy fun. »»

Sucker Punch - Review

Zack Snyder's Inception »»

SXSW '11: Bridesmaids - Review

Kristen Wiig's charm comes close to saving overlong comedy »»

Rumor: Javier Bardem and Viggo Mortenson Frontrunners for The Dark Tower

Actors being sought for film, television adaptation of Stephen King's beloved book series. »»

Rumor: John Cena and The Rock as Candidates to Play the New Superman

A True Blood star is also in the mix as being in the running to play Supes. »»

Sucker Punch Trailer Makes Sweet Love to Fanboys' Eyes

New film from Zack Snyder features babes, samurai swords and giant robots. What more could anybody ask for? »»

Gamera Vs. Guiron / Gamera Vs. Jiger [Double Feature] - DVD Review

After decades of working with pesky boys in baseball caps, Gamera was back with adults. He’s like Mickey Rourke and Betty White without a good skin lotion. »»

Mad Men – Episode 4-8 Review

Coming off last week's stunner, "The Suitcase," "The Summer Man" is notably different. »»

Watch It: Trailer for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch

Zack Snyder describes it as "Alice in Wonderland with machine guns." Need I say more? »»

Watch This: Trailer for Ben Affleck's The Town

Ben Affleck and Warner Bros. are doing for Boston what David Simon (Homicide: Life on the Street, The Wire) did for Baltimore - putting a new stamp on the crime genre. »»

Stolen - Blu-ray Review

Okay, movie, here are my wrists, just go ahead and slice the hell out of them and save me the trouble. »»

Mad Men: Season Three - DVD Review

Mad Men is a critically acclaimed, multiple award winning drama about an Advertising Firm in the 60's. So, why am I not impressed? »»

Mad Man Gets Sucker Punched

Up until now the only casting announcements made for Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch have been women. That's about to change with the addition of Mad Man star Jon Hamm. »»

Mad Men: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

Much like the "Wild West" or the "Roaring Twenties," there's an extreme amount of nostalgia associated with a period of American History that took place at the end of the 1950s and into the '60s. Films like Back to the Future and American Graffiti almost seem to portray the period as some sort of utopia, when the country was prospering and had its bright future ahead of it. It's because of this perceived look at the era that a series like Mad Men packs such a wallop of cold reality. With its gorgeous visuals of tailor made suits and skyscraper offices, the look the show is like a postcard of the age, but digging deep within its flawed characters shows a world rampant with misogyny and bigotry of many forms, giving us a brilliant look at that time period, as well as a distorted mirror into our own. »»

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