Blu-ray Review: Ray Donovan - Season Two

After reviewing Season One of Ray Donovan, I wasn’t exactly sure which way the story would go with this series. Some shows will leave you on edge, chomping at the bit for more, but Ray Donovan wrapped things up fairly nicely the first time out »»

Blu-ray Review: Ray Donovan (Season One)

Liev Schrieber definitely holds the show on his shoulders, and he makes it look easy. »»

DVD Review: Naked City: The Complete Series

Over half a century later, Naked City remains a top cop show. »»

Disc News: Naked City Boxed Up In November

There are eight million stories in the Naked City... this is all of them. »»

Houston Cinema Arts Festival: Casting By - Review

A documentary about an overlooked profession and trailblazer Marion Dougherty. »»

2010 Fall TV Premiere Week: 10 Thoughts On…Lonestar Review

Another TV season has begun and Monday night was probably jammed pack with some of your old favorites and maybe a few new ones as well. Five new shows made their debut among the 5 major networks, and I will be watching all of them before this weekend »»

Four Christmases - DVD Review

Four Christmases is a decent Christmas comedy, but only as a rental. »»

Varsity Blues (Deluxe Edition) - DVD Review

Varsity Blues remains a lesser version of Hoosiers with more adult-oriented content. »»

Varsity Blues Deluxe Edition Announced for September

Just in time for football season, Paramount Home Entertainment will release Varsity Blues as a Deluxe Edition on DVD and Blu-ray. »»

Pride and Glory - Blu-ray Review

The ghost of Al Pacino’s Frank Serpico is unfortunately all over every frame of the Cop drama Pride and Glory. The Edward Norton/Colin Farrell vehicle is a serviceable enough movie featuring New York’s Finest, with plenty of gritty locations and shootouts, dirty cops and family rivalries, but everything that’s great about this movie you’ve already seen in other Cop movies before it... »»

Pride and Glory - DVD Review

Talk about a new and different cop movie. This is it. In this cop movie, one of the cops is dirty and dealing drugs. Wait, what did you say? That's not new? That happens in almost every cop movie? Oh, well, in this one, the dirty cop is part of the family with the good cops. Oh, that's been done too? In the words of Spaulding, "Double Turds". »»

Pride and Glory - Review

Solid police procedural nearly ruined by its final 20 minutes »»

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