DC Comics Announces Last 10 Of Their 40 Convergence Tie-ins!

Pre-Crisis Multiverse is back with a vengeance. And TWO BOOSTER GOLDS!! »»

Demythify: The Top 10 DC Comics New 52 Time Anomalies For The New 52: Futures End 2014 Weekly Series

The first few years of the DC New 52 have been building to this? »»

Demythify: Hawkman & Hawkgirl Of Two Worlds & Times Past (New 52's Earth 2 & Prime Earth)

Three (???) New 52 titles put the Hawkman puzzle pieces together? »»

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance 3-D - Review

Nic Cage at his most Nic Cagiest! »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff, Too!) - 12.28.11

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) – 12.28.11 I just wanted to start with a point that I've been meaning to make for a while now:  I really appreciate the new dedication from both DC and Marvel to actually shipping their titles ON »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Top 5 1/2 New 52 Surprises (Batman, Green Lantern Families & More)

What are the Top 5 (and a half) surprises from the New 52 so far? »»

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) - 11.23.11

Scott Reviews The New 52 (And Other Stuff Too!) Only one Marvel title on my pull list this week, so the “Other Stuff" portion is only one review long this time.  Dropped from the new 52 this week:  Batman The Dark Knight and Firestorm, and Fla »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Top 10 Dynamic Duos (Batman, Batwoman, Green Lantern, Etc) New 52 UPDATED

New kinds of team books spread across the DC Universe. Twosomes reign in the New 52? And, now updated with an 11 pick suggested by readers! »»

Scott Reviews The New DC 52: Week 4

Scott Keith brings us his thoughts on week four of the DC Comics Relaunch. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #87 With Scalped, Caligula, Feeding Ground, iZombie, Sweet Tooth & More

Plus Adventure Comics, Avenger Academy, Batman: Gates of Gotham, SHIELD, and a lot more. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #83 Featuring Our Love Is Real, Chew, iZombies, And More!

Best Comic of the Week: Our Love is Real Written by Sam Humphries Art by Steven Sanders If you read about comics on the Internet (and obviously, you do), then you've heard about this book this week.  It was limited to a press run of 300, avail »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Breaking It All Down (Part 1 of 5)

Grey and Skitch's thoughts on the first 13 of DC's 52 series launching in September. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: 7 Titles With Edge Coming: Stormwatch, Deathstroke, Grifter, Blackhawks, & More

MARTIAN MANHUNTER joins STORMWATCH? Seven more titles announced, including a bunch of Wildstorm books & OMAC, Sgt. Rock & All-Star Western. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #74 - The TCAF and FCBD Edition

With Spontaneous, Blue Estate, BPRD, Green Wake, iZombie, and much, much, much more. »»

In Stores Now: DC Universe Classics Wave 16 (Bane, Robin, Azrael & More)

DC Universe Classics Wave 16 has finally hit stores! The basic assortment features: -Azrael Batman -The Creeper -Jonah Hex -Mercury of the Metal Men -The Riddler -Robin (with Varant head) If you get each of the figures, you will have all »»

Megan Fox Wants to Be Knocked Up Too, In Judd Apatow Spin-Off

This casting announcement is either another sign of the impending apocalypse, or Apatow wanting to redefine Fox's "acting career." »»

The Weekly Round-Up #65 Featuring Sweet Tooth, Chew, Joe The Barbarian, And More!

Best Comic of the Week: Sweet Tooth #19 by Jeff Lemire, Nate Powell, Emi Lenox, and Matt Kindt Sweet Tooth often does something different (like last month's sideways issue), but it was a surprise to see that Jeff Lemire has invited a few other »»

The Weekly Round-Up #61: Featuring Sweet Tooth, Cyclops, Hellboy, iZombie, And More!

Best Comic of the Week: Sweet Tooth #18 by Jeff Lemire I never get bored with Sweet Tooth.  Jeff Lemire's been telling a pretty brutal story with this comic (most people are dead, small human/animal hybrid child gets betrayed, more people die »»

Geoff Johns' FLASHPOINT's Lasting Impact & The Blackest Night / Brightest Day Lessons

This isn’t purely an Elseworlds tale. This seems more like Blackest Night with lasting impacts expected. »»

Could DC's Jonah Hex Movie Get An Oscar Nomination?

It's like the Seattle Seahawks of cinema. »»

Weekly Round-Up #57 Featuring The Walking Dead, I, Zombie, Sweets, Sweet Tooth, Who Is Jake Ellis, And More!

Welcome to 2011! This was a pretty small week, but it had some very good comics. »»

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