Wednesday Comments – Superman, Creators & Controversy

You'd think that Superman and DC would have a much more harmonious relationship. But then again, considering they've been together for 75 years maybe the current discord shouldn't be surprising. Superman's been indirectly responsible for DC Comics »»

Demythify: Damian Wayne vs Harper Row & Ex-Robins (Batman #12, Batman Inc #3, Batman and Robin #12) Spoilers

Whole lotta Robins falling over one another. Plus does a 5th Robin debut that's not Stephanie Brown? »»

The Gold Standard: Gays In Comics, Top Five Moments, And A Weekly Roundup

In which I state my stance on the recent influx of gay characters in comics. »»

Review: Batman - Night of Owls part 2 (Catwoman #9 and Birds of Prey #9)

RJ brings us a big look at the Night of Owls. »»

Night of the Owls Review: Batwing #9 by Judd Winick & Marcus To

Batwing vs. The Court of Owls with the life of Lucius Fox at stake. »»

The Weekly Round-Up #121 With Walking Dead, American Vampire, BPRD, Morning Glories & More

So, what books top this week's list of the cream from last week's crop of books? »»

Review: Catwoman #5 by Judd Winick & Guillem March

Catwoman takes on the entire Gotham Police force. »»

The Gold Standard: Top 10 DC Books Of 2011

Bringing you the best of DC in 2011. »»

Comics Nexus Holiday Buyer Guide: Day Four

A Brightest Day tie in event...wait, wasn't that last year? »»

Review: Catwoman #1 By Judd Winick And Guillem March

Gotham's favorite thief back on her own! »»

Review: Batwing #1 by Judd Winick and Ben Oliver

Batman Inc expands into the New 52 »»

New Comics On Sale – Week of September 7, 2011

Nexus's weekly look at what's new in your comic shop. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Bat Solicits For October, Including Penguin and Huntress Mini-series

A look at some of of "New issue 2's" plus Huntress and Penguin get new minis. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Breaking It All Down (Part 2 of 5)

Day 2 of Grey and Skitch's run down of each of DC's 52 relaunched titles. PLUS the actual cover to FRANKENSTEIN, AGENT OF SHADE #1. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: Batman Incorporated's BATWING Gets His Own #1

Batwing gets his own series. I have no idea who Batwing is. »»

DC Comics Relaunch: 4 Titles Featuring The Gotham Girls...

Including a revamped Birds of Prey with Poison Ivy, Barbara Girl as Batgirl & more! »»

Review: Justice League: Generation Lost #24 By Judd Winick And Aaron Lopresti

The JLI vs OMAC! Booster vs Max! It's the oversized final issue of Generation Lost! How is it? »»

Spoiler Warnings: How Does Justice League: Generation Lost #24 End?

What does the future hold for the JLI? »»

Spoiler Warnings: Meet Max's New Weapon In Justice League: Generation Lost #23

What hell does he let loose on our heroes now? »»

Review: Justice League: Generation Lost #22 By Judd Winick

The League grows as Max begins the final phase of his plans. »»

Did Judd Winick Spoil The Ending Of Justice League: Generation Lost?

What does the writer have to say about the end of the title? »»

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