Blu-ray Review: Movie 43

Just a bunch of silly nonsense and random crude skits starring some of Hollywood’s most recognizable stars. »»

DVD Review: Being Flynn

I urge you to take a chance on this, and watch a film that’s as touching as it is well made, where Robert De Niro gives a tour de force. »»

Being Flynn - Review

Father and son drama an acting showcase for two generations. »»

The Best Films You've Never Seen - Cast A Deadly Spell

In this new semi-regular column, discover a forgotten classic that blends the mythos of H.P. Lovecraft with a '40s detective noir story. »»

Crazy, Stupid, Love. - Review (2)

Not as crazy or stupid as the title implies. »»

Crazy, Stupid, Love - Review

Maybe the best comedy of 2011 »»

New Crazy, Stupid, Love. Trailer, TV Clip Debut Online

Second trailer, first scene, find way online »»

Crazy, Stupid, Love. Trailer Released

New trailer for Steve Carell's latest hits the net »»

Deal Alert: The Hannibal Lecter Blu-ray Collection is Amazon's DOTW

Better act fast, or Dr. Lecter will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti. »»

The Kids Are All Right - DVD Review

Everything that everyone wanted to say about marriage but was too afraid to put onscreen »»

Swedish Directors Tapped To Helm Underworld 4

Kate Beckinsale will return to the vampire vs. werewolf movie series. »»

The Kids Are All Right - Review

Strong writing supported by the best actresses not named Meryl Streep »»

Wednesday Comments – Shuddertown & James Gandolfini

Welcome back to another edition of my weekly rambling about things related to comics. It's late and I've got to get up early so let's get into it, shall we? When I first started writing on the net about comics, my intention was to promote the mediu »»

Chloe - Review

Interesting character drama with a remarkably awful finale»»

Amanda Seyfried Bares All in Atom Egoyan's Chloe

The International trailer for Atom Egoyan's Chloe. Best to watch away from prying eyes. »»

Best of the Aughts - Science Fiction & Fantasy Films

Those reading this feature hoping to find Mission to Mars, Supernova, Ultraviolet, or any Harry Potter films, I’m sorry, but you’re just wasting your time. »»

Savage Grace - DVD Review

No matter how lofty people think they are; everyone is only a twisted misstep away from being a guest on The Jerry Springer Show. Can money or finely tailored suits really prevent a man from the creepy carnal desires that trailer park denizens embr »»

Savage Grace Dwells In The Taboo December 23rd On DVD

Truth is more shocking than fiction »»

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