The Sound of Music: 45th Anniversary Edition - DVD Review

If you have any questions about the movie, the answer is in this boxset. »»

Despicable Me - Review

Pixar watch out: Your competition is Despicable. »»

Tooth Fairy - Blu-ray Review

This is a good film for kids, since it has a lot of jokes aimed directly at them, but doesn't lower the bar with gross-out humor. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant for Tooth Fairy (Blu-ray)

Man, the Rock is lucky he's awesome enough to survive these questionable movie choices. »»

Third Teaser For Despicable Me Hits The Net

It may not make much sense but chances are that you will laugh more during this minute and fifteen seconds then you have all day. »»

Mary Poppins 45th Anniversary Special Edition - DVD Review

This is one of my favorite films ever and has been since my first viewing as a young boy. The 45th Anniversay Edition of Mary Poppins has a special place in my heart forever and this DVD set is practically perfect in every way. »»

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