Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Third Round Voting Begins

The second round voting has ended and there were plenty of upsets from this round. Five of the top 16 seeds went down in the second round. Not only did the overall #12, #11, #8, #6 seeds all lose, but so did one of the #1 seeds and overall #4 seed, S »»

Justified - Episode 2-6 Review

'm a fan of procedurals in general, so the fact that "Blaze Of Glory" will likely be inconsequential in the long run does not bother me. It's a well put together episode, with lots of Winona and Raylan, and a solid plot to support them. Basically, the episode solidifies the two of them, as Raylan not only saves her from certain criminal charges, but we also see lots of affection between the two. »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Voting Begins For The Second Round Matchups

The first round voting has ended and there was really only 1 MAJOR upsets as one of the top 16 seeds goes down in the first round. The #15 overall seed and the #4 seed in the the CBS Region, Walter White from Breaking Bad went down to the animated Stewie Griffin from Family Guy. I was definitely surprised by that, because Breaking Bad is one of the best shows on television. But it's on cable and Family Guy is on FOX, so perhaps there is not as many people who watch Breaking Bad. »»

Inside Pulse Best TV Character Tournament 2011 - Last Chance To Vote For The First Round Matchups

It's that time again! It's the month of March and that could only mean one thing...time for another Inside Pulse TV Tournament, while you drink green beer! The biggest and most talked about tournament during "March Madness" season is still the NCAA B »»

Justified - Episode 2-5 Review

Almost everyone would agree that, in the long run, serialized shows are more exciting than procedurals. Justified sits somewhere in between, juggling serialized elements with surefire procedural stories. However, as the first season progressed and the tension began rising, the show turned towards several purely serialized episodes, without the external, standalone Marshall jobs, and it really improved. »»

Justified Spoilers: Complicated Times Ahead For Mags Bennett

Fans looking for scoop on Justified don't have to look further. Mags Bennett's relationship with Loretta is going to get complicated and it goes a lot further than Mags murdering Loretta's father. In a recent interview, the show's boss Graham Yos »»

Justified - Episode 2-4 Review

Up until the second season, Tim and Rachel have been non-factors, characters that filled the space behind Raylan. They were there, always tagging along, but we didn’t know who they were or what drives them. Last week’s episode had lots of Tim, and this week’s episode, “For Blood or Money,” has lots of Rachel, with the escape of her brother-in-law who killed her sister (according to Rachel, because the origins of drug abuse may lie elsewhere). »»

Justified - Episode 2-3 Review

"The I Of The Storm" clarifies a lot of questions about Boyd. Following up on the one scene from last week, he's living with Ava but it's not romantic. Boyd tries his hardest in the episode to keep himself contained, drinking alone, ignoring Dewey for the most part--but by the end of the episode, he snaps, dragging a poor, albeit racist, fellow along in his car before dumping him. »»

I Am Number Four - Review

The Last of the Loriens. »»

Justified - Episode 2-2 Review

"The Life Inside" is largely a standalone episode about a pregnant inmate who escapes from custody. Raylan and Tim track down her and her captors, who actually want to kill her. The investigation isn't too complex, but the figures involved with her escape have enough meat that it turns out to be fairly interesting. »»

Justified - Episode 2-1 Review

The standalone case of the sex offender reminded me how great Justified is at creating villains inside a specific community. We spend plenty of time watching the creep do his thing, but the authenticity comes through with the accent and the rural setting, so we really feel like Raylan is in a local area where everyone knows each other. »»

Justified: The Complete First Season - Blu-ray Review

Let us all welcome the new resident bad-ass to the small screen, Timothy Olyphant. »»

Disc Deals and Steals: Justified for $22, Scott Pilgrim for $20, and More Deals

Week of new releases includes Justified, Buried and two Criterion Collection double-dips for filmmaker Samuel Fuller. »»

2010 TV Emmy Award Nominations Announced; Glee and Modern Family Lead The Way

Here are all the nominees for the 62nd annual Primetime Emmy Awards: Outstanding Voice-Over Performance H. Jon Benjamin, "Archer" Dave Foley, "Disney Prep & Landing" Seth Green, "Robot Chicken" Dan Castellaneta, "The Simpsons" Hank Azaria, "The Sim »»

Justified - Season 1 Review

Creating a good show, or a good movie or anything good for that matter is not always about creating something new. A lot of people blame the TV/Movie industry for rehashing old material over and over again, but what they fail to see is that sometime »»

Fox Aiming for Hitman Sequel; Director Named

Will Timothy Olyphant return as Agent 47? »»

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