Blu-ray Review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Just about everything is bigger, and in most cases better this time around, with many nods to fans who know all aspects of the Star Trek mythos inside and out. »»

Riddick - Review

After almost a decade Riddick returns – but is that a good thing? »»

Star Trek: Into Darkness - Review (Spoilers)

Not quite Wrath of Khan but a good film »»

Blu-ray Review: Dredd

Dredd delivers everything one could possibly want from a pure action film. »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Dredd [Video]

Sean, Leah and Salim review this action thriller re-make based on the graphic novel. Starring Sean Wright, Leah Aldridge, and Salim Lemelle. Directed by Amy Taylor. Edited by Zack Delman. Produced by David Freedman(@ShowRunnerDave), Cooper Griggs, Aa »»

Dredd 3D - Review

It should be illegal to be this badass. »»

New Trailer For Karl Urban's Dredd Released

The first trailer for Karl Urban as the new Judge Dredd in Dredd has been released. Plot Summary: The future America is an irradiated waste land. On its East Coast, running from Boston to Washington DC, lies Mega City One- a vast, violent metropo »»

Priest - Review

Aggressively horrible in nearly every way »»

And Soon the Darkness - Blu-ray Review

Remakes are as common today as ever before, much to the chagrin of many moviegoers. »»

Rumor: Batman TV Series To Follow The Dark Knight Rises?

Karl Urban rumored to be eyed for the role of Batman on the small screen. »»

Lionsgate Picks up Dredd and Properties Starring Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson

Lionsgate picks up three action flicks in new distribution deal. »»

Red - Review

There’s no school like the old school. »»

Trailer for Priest blesses the internet...sort of

Now THAT is what vampires should look and act like. Don't see them sparkling. »»

Full Theatrical Trailer for RED; Awesomeness Ensues

The film, about retired CIA agents, features an all-star cast including Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich. »»

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