DVD Review: Private Practice (The Complete Sixth and Final Season)

DVD release sees an end to the saga of Seaside Wellness. »»

DVD Review: Private Practice (The Complete Fifth Season)

Penultimate season release for Grey's Anatomy spin-off is all about babies. »»

Grey's Anatomy 2011 Spoilers: Kate Walsh To Return To Seattle Grace, Problems With Callie's Baby?

Private Practice star Kate Walsh will return to Grey's Anatomy for a guest-starring appearance and considering Addison Montgomery's specialty, this will clearly be related to Callie Torres' pregnancy. »»

Private Practice: The Complete Third Season - DVD Review

In the end, the cast of Private Practice and the interesting characters they play will have you coming back episode after episode. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Legion

Paul Betteny talks to angels — and they told him to star in mostly lackluster Legion »»

Grey's Anatomy: Season Four - DVD Review

The acting during this season is on par with previous seasons. The cast of this show is extremely diverse and interesting. You can't help but have an opinion on every character, good or bad, and see what happens to them. The subtractions of Kate Walsh and Isaiah Washington this season are tough, especially Washington who played an outstanding character. Kate Walsh is not missed nearly as much due to the fact that she is replaced in a round-about way by Chyler Leigh, who is Meredith's sister. There is great conflict between Meredith and Lexie and the addition of this character was fantastic. So fortunately the overall additions to the cast equal out the overall subtractions from the cast this season. »»

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