The Muppets Meet Noir in The Happytime Murders

A puppet private eye, muppet sex shops and Katherine Heigl. WTF? »»

One for the Money - Review

Forgettable franchise starter »»

New Year's Eve - Review

Will make you hate the holiday even more than Valentine’s Day »»

Katherine Heigl To Return To Television, Sells Drama Project To The CW

The CW has been on a spending spree renewing pretty much all of their freshmen series yesterday. Today, news leaked out that they have tapped perennial Grey's Anatomy problem child, Katherine Heigl to star in hew own series. The actress has sold »»

New Year's Eve Trailer Makes Being Alone On New Year's Eve A Good Idea

Follow-up to Valentine's Day is the wrong kind of star power ensemble. »»

Megan Fox Wants to Be Knocked Up Too, In Judd Apatow Spin-Off

This casting announcement is either another sign of the impending apocalypse, or Apatow wanting to redefine Fox's "acting career." »»

Life As We Know It - Blu-ray Review

Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel star in a two-hour, unfunny theatrical adaptation of a sitcom that was never made. »»

Judd Apatow's Next Movie To Be Knocked Up Spin-Off

Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd to reprise married characters from 2007 Seth Rogen-starring film. »»

Grey's Anatomy: The Complete Sixth Season - DVD Review

The big theme of this season is change. Everyone pretty much knew that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight wanted off of Grey's Anatomy, and they both got their wishes during this season. »»

Inside Pulse Box Office Report: Social Network Looks to Repeat, Katherine Heigl and Secretariat Fight for Second Place

The Social Network faced some competition this weekend at the box office. Sadly, the competition was not strong, as judged on their performances. »»

Life As We Know It - Review

Is a life better left not knowing »»

Monday Morning Critic 9.27.2010 - Top 10 Directors Who Should Helm the New Superman Film (But Won't), Hornswaggle Helps On a Prank and 27 Dresses

The Top 10 Directors who should direct the new Superman but won't, a DVD review of 27 Dresses and WWE superstar Hornswaggle helps me with a new prank! »»

Killers - Review

Unseen by critics for a reason. »»

The Ugly Truth - Review


Grey's Anatomy: Season Four - DVD Review

The acting during this season is on par with previous seasons. The cast of this show is extremely diverse and interesting. You can't help but have an opinion on every character, good or bad, and see what happens to them. The subtractions of Kate Walsh and Isaiah Washington this season are tough, especially Washington who played an outstanding character. Kate Walsh is not missed nearly as much due to the fact that she is replaced in a round-about way by Chyler Leigh, who is Meredith's sister. There is great conflict between Meredith and Lexie and the addition of this character was fantastic. So fortunately the overall additions to the cast equal out the overall subtractions from the cast this season. »»

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