DVD Review: Victorious (The Complete Second Season)

Victorious is a light version of the art school experience. »»

Ke$ha Promises That New Album Will Resurrect Rock And Roll

No, really, why are you laughing?  After doing a cover of a Bob Dylan song to begin the year, Ke$ha now feels that the next logical step is for her new CD to resurrect the dying rock and roll genre with an all-acoustic album.  I'm pretty sure rock »»

Miley Cyrus To Cover Bob Dylan

Miley Cyrus will be among the contributors to a new Bob Dylan tribute CD for charity.  The CD, to be titled "Chimes of Freedom", will be released in 2012, and all proceeds will go to Amnesty International.  Also appearing will be Ke$ha and Adele. »»

Alice Cooper Calls Ke$ha A Female Robert Plant

Alice Cooper teams up with pop singer Ke$ha for a duet on his new CD "Welcome 2 My Nightmare", a sequel to the 70s classic.  Cooper calls Ke$ha a "female Robert Plant" who has more of a rock streak than she gets credit for.  We wouldn't want to see »»

Tik Tok, Ke$ha Gets Into Watch Business

Ke$ha is wisely branching out into a second source of income in case her music career falters, as she is designing and modelling a new series of watches.  The campaign thus far features her in a 70s-inspired roller skating motif, and an American fla »»

2010 American Music Awards Review

>I didn't watch The American Music Awards Sunday night. I thought about watching them last night, but after reading reviews, a list of the winners and watching some performances on YouTube, I've changed my mind. »»

Ke$ha Single Again, Heart Broken

Poor Ke$ha. She recently split up with her secret boyfriend, and apparently "My last boyfriend smashed my heart into a million billion pieces." That's a lot. "I've had no father figure, and I had finally trusted a man. If I were to get involved with »»

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