The Rolling Stones Plan Their 50th Anniversary Bash

Although the Rolling Stones are "strongly considering" playing one show in 2012 to commemorate their 50th anniversary as a band, they'll at least do a tour in 2013.  The band hasn't played together since 2007, and are currently meeting in London to »»

The Rolling Stones Announce New Documentary

The Rolling Stones have announced their participation in a new documentary spanning their entire career.  Their is no official title for the movie yet, although it is set to be released as a part of their 50th anniversary celebration.  The movie wi »»

Keith Richards Apologizes To Mick Jagger

Keith Richards has apologized to Mick Jagger for comments made in his 2010 autobiography, Life.   The pair were interviewed for the new issue of Rolling Stone together, and Mick talked about excluding Keith from the business end of the band and how »»

Keith Richards Recovering From Eye Surgery

Keith Richards underwent laser eye surgery and is doing well.  His vision had been deteriorating for years, but he decided to get it fixed in time for the Stones' 50th anniversary tour.  The best part is that Keith likely saved money by using his o »»

Let's Spend the Night Together - DVD Review

The eighties were a wonderful, unique decade that housed awful fashion, terrific music, and classic films. »»


The most overrated rapper in recent memory, one Lil Wayne, has been sued by ABKCO Music & Records, Inc., after the publishing company discovered the he had appropriated a track on his recent release, Tha Carter III, from a Rolling Stones track without obtaining permission. ... »»

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Martin Scorsese: one of the greatest living filmmakers in the world. The Rolling Stones: one of the greatest rock n roll bands in the world. Both have spent decades mastering their perspective crafts and neither is new to the Concert Film. In 1978 Scorsese gave us The Last Waltz, The Band's last live performance, and The Stones were looked at through the eyes of the Maysles brothers in 1970's Gimme Shelter. Like pizza and beer these two great tastes come together to in this very tasty film, Shine A Light. »»

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