A2Z Analysiz: TNA Final Resolution 2008 (Main Event Mafia, TNA Frontline)

Final Resolution moves to December, featuring Kurt Angle, Mick Foley, Rhino, Sting, Samoa Joe, Beer Money, the Motor City Machine Guns, Curry Man, and much more! »»

A2Z Analysiz – TNA Turning Point 2007 (Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles)

The fourth annual Turning Point, featuring Samoa Joe, Booker T, Abyss, Awesome Kong, Christian Cage, James Storm, Sonjay Dutt, and much more! »»

JC's Top Rope Report: The Top 10 Survivor Series Matches Of All Time

It used to be the annual Thanksgiving tradition. Now? It is almost treated as a secondary PPV when it comes to the WWE. Almost every wrestling fan would love to see the traditional Survivor Series matches brought back. But with less than two weeks to »»

This Week In Wrestling History #7 (Jeff Jarrett, Eddie Guerrero, Charleston Chew)

What happened in wrestling history during the week 11th November – 17th November? Read on to find out!! »»

This Week In Wrestling History #6 (Ahmed Johnson, Junkyard Dog, Koji Kanemoto)

What mind-blowing events occured in wrestling history during the week 4th November – 10th November? Read on to find out!! »»

This Week In Wrestling History #5 (Dusty Rhodes, Brock Lesnar, Lance Storm)

What happened in wrestling history during the week 28th October – 3rd November? Read on to find out!! »»

This Week in Wrestling History #4 (Steve Austin, Goldust, Scott Hall)

What happened in wrestling history during the week 21st October – 27th October? Read on to find out!! »»

Guys and Divas #3: After the Stampede (Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Tamina Snuka, WCW Monday Nitro)

In his third installment, Jeff celebrates the new WWE Tag Team Champions, speculates about the future of a multi-generational Diva and looks back at the night where his love of wrestling began. Don't miss it! »»

Rabblecast #338 Wrestlers In Cinema!

The world of professional wrestling has always flirted with "glitz and glamor" of Hollywood. Both portray larger than life characters and strive to tell intriguing stories to capture their audience. One would think that a professional wrestler would »»

The SmarK Retro Rant for WCW Nitro - 04.26.99

The SmarK Retro Rant for WCW Nitro – 04.26.99 This show was posted to the blog via the YouTubes recently, so I figured, what the fuck, I'll just review it and be done with it. By the way, Jon Jones is LUCKY.  He should buy those judges a bee »»

JC's Top Rope Report: Flashback Thoughts: WCW New Blood Rising

  Yes, once again I am sitting through a PPV from the dying days of WCW for your entertainment. This time it is New Blood Rising!   3 Count (w/Tank Abbott) vs The Jung Dragons   -If you listened to are recent Top 5, you know »»

JC's Top Rope Report: Flashback Thoughts: WCW Bash at the Beach 1996

    Hello everyone. I'm back with another look into wrestling PPVs past. This time, I take a look at the PPV that changed not only the course of WCW but wrestling history as we know it.   -Tony Schiavone, Dusty Rhodes a »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Destination X 2008 (Christian Cage, Samoa Joe, Kevin Nash)

Destination X returns and is highlighted by a main event six man tag team match! Samoa Joe joins forces with Christian Cage and Kevin Nash to battle the Angle Alliance! Plus more with the Motor City Machine Guns, Booker T, Team 3D, Awesome Kong, Rellik (that's killer spelled backwards), and the return of Elevation X! »»

Top 5 Worst Debuts By A Future World Champion

Rob Karpeles of "@WWECreative_ish" joins us this week for the Top 5! »»

JC's Top Rope Report: Flashback Thoughts: WCW Great American Bash 1999

Hello everyone. Once again, I'm back with a look back at a PPV from wresting's past. I did a WWE one last time, this time it is time for a WCW PPV! It's Great American Bash 1999. Yes, I'm deciding to sit through a WCW PPV after Starrcade 1997. Mo »»

The View From Down Here – 5 Wrestling Turns

To everything there is a season. Turn, turn, turn... »»

The Common Denominator - WCW Lives! (Goldberg, Sting, Scott Steiner, Eric Bischoff, Fusient Media Ventures, WCW)

Last time out I talked about how WCW was almost sold to a group called Fusient Media Ventures and Eric Bischoff. What might have happened if that sale did indeed take place? »»

Creatively Endeavored Thoughts On The State Of TNA Wrestling

Since one of TNA's "big 4" PPVs in live tonight (Lockdown), I figured it was about time I was able to examine TNA Wrestling a little more closely in 2013. »»

Rasslin' Roundtable - WWE Royal Rumble

Come on in and see what all the writers here at the Pulse think about the PPV this Sunday! »»

Possible 2013 Hall Of Fame Headliner (**Spoiler**)

Who will headline this year's Hall Of Fame? »»

The Common Denominator - The Ultimate Rumble of Royal Destiny (2013 revised edition)

What if all the previous winners of the Royal Rumble got together to decide who was the best of the best? Let's find out through the miracle of "modern technology." »»

Wallpaper Wednesday: The Artwork of Rob Schamberger

After searching the interwebs for more wrestling artwork last weekend, I once again came across the work of Kansas City artist Rob Schamberger. Schamberger made many pro-wrestling & mainstream news sites in 2012 with his idea to paint every NWA C »»

A2Z Analysiz: TNA Genesis 2007 (Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Sting, Booker T)

The third annual Genesis, featuring Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, the Motor City Machine Guns, Christian Cage, Abyss, Sonjay Dutt, and so much more! »»

DVD Review: n.W.o. The Revolution

n.W.o.: The Revolution is a disjointed, poorly structured documentary that’s set up to feel like an episode of E! True Hollywood Story. »»

Wrestling Is An Artform (45 Photos)

  Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers from everyone at Inside Pulse! Since it's a slow news week/weekend, I decided to post a new "Wrestling Is An Artform" where we feature prominent artwork featuring the world of pro-wrestling. »»

Scott's November PPV Countdown: WCW World War III 1996

The SK Retro Rant for WCW World War III 96 - Well, in one of those wacky coincidences, this show was on the same tape as Buried Alive, which I did last week, so I figured I might as well get this one wrapped up as well.  (2012 Scott sez:  Remember the days of plugging a tape into the VCR and finding surprise shows on there?  Good times.)  »»

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