Freddie Prinze Jr. Calls Out Kiefer Sutherland; Says Working With TV's Jack Bauer Made Him Want To Quit Acting

Perennial good guy Freddie Prinze Jr. apparently has a mean steak. »»

The Reluctant Fundamentalist - Review

Riz Ahmed’s performance dominates a multifaceted picture that is a sign of the times. »»

Blu-ray Review: Melancholia

Who knew the end of the world could be so beautiful? »»

Just Seen It TV Review: Touch - Fox Series Premiere [Video]

Touch centers on a father, Martin, who discovers his autistic, mute son Jake can actually predict events before they happen. Jake is able to see patterns in random numbers and by connecting those patterns, can predict a near term event. Martin, his d »»

First Look: Fox's New Drama Touch Starring Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer Sutherland back to television with the help of "Heroes" creator Tim Kring. »»

The Zookeeper Gets Trailer

Paul Blart: Zookeeper? Anyone? »»

FOX Announces New 2011 TV Season Schedule; Night-by-Night Breakdown

FOX doesn't have as many holes to fill as NBC. Mainly because it doesn't have any original programming on during the 10 p.m. ET timeslot. But it still sends out 6 new shows this season that it hopes will be loved by viewers and maybe pave way for the »»

Stand By Me: 25th Anniversary Edition - Blu-ray Review

Best enjoyed with RC Cola, Moon Pies, and Cherry-Flavored Pez. »»

Kiefer Sutherland Signed To Star In New FOX Show Touch

While 24 won't be coming back, Kiefer Sutherland is returning to Fox. Sutherland will star in a new FOX drama pilot called Touch. The show revolves around the father of an autistic son who has the ability to predict the future. Think Heroes me »»

Twelve - Blu-ray Review

There are plenty of good films about drugs out there. This is not one of them. »»

24 Movie Script A Dud For Fox

Big screen adaptation by writer Billy Ray is dead. Is Tony Scott lurking in the wings to take over the project? »»

DVD Giveaway: 24 Season Eight

Fans of Jack Bauer, now is your chance to get the final season on DVD. The clock is ticking. »»

Could Jack Bauer Be Fantastic Four's The Thing?

24 meets the Fantastic Four? »»

Disc News: 24's Final Season Coming this December

Don't be surprised if Jack Bauer hijacks Santa's sleigh and tells him "we're running out of time" this holiday season. »»

24 Making Time For Theaters

Jack Bauer may travel through time (not literally) on the big screen sooner then you think. »»

Paramount Announces Monsters vs. Aliens for DVD and BD

DreamWorks' big animated hit of the Spring to include an all new animated 3-D short "B.O.B.’S BIG BREAK" among other features. »»


So that massive DVD contest isn’t enough for you – dang. Well, we better up the ante then with a pair of TV on DVD contests, and one TV on Blu-ray Disc contest. Behind door number one we have 24: Season 7. How do you like them apples? »»

Mirrors - Blu-ray Review

My mind is a total mess after watching Alexandre Aja's Mirrors because it tried to be so many different things and wound up making me happy then pissing me off then making me happy and then pissing me off again. Things seem pretty on par for decent horror as the ball gets rolling and then they pitter-patter off into boring obscurity. Some tension and drama jumps in midway through to make my heart sink, but then I remember this is supposed to be scary. All throughout there is a storyline dealing with marital and family problems, but again this is horror right? With such gems as The Hills Have Eyes, Haute Tension, and the underrated P2 under his belt, I sincerely hope this isn't a reflection of things to come from Aja. »»

Kiefer Sutherland stares into Mirrors on January 13th!

In Alexandre Aja's (The Hills Have Eyes) Mirrors, Kiefer Sutherland stars as ex-cop Ben Carson who, now working as a night watchman, experiences horrific images inside of mirrors. And surprise surprise, nobody believes him, not even his sister (Amy Smart). Also starring Paula Patton (Swing Vote), Mirrors appears on DVD and Blu-ray January 13th. »»

First Look: Monsters vs. Aliens trailer

Those who grew up watching creature features like Attack of the 50-Foot Woman and The Blob are sure to get a kick out of the new DreamWorks Animation movie Monsters vs. Aliens. Popcorn Junkies has got an early look at the trailer that will be attached to prints of Madagascar 2, which arrives Friday, November 7, 2008. »»

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