Open Mike Night: Mars Attacks KISS #1 and Superior Spider-Man #1

Double feature! Martians attack hair band! And Spider-Man gets body snatched! »»

Gene Simmons' Daughter Auditions For The X Factor

The X Factor got a bit of a celebrity visit on the last episode, as Sophie Tweed-Simmons, the daughter of Gene Simmons, tried her luck with an Adele song.  Although she could probably get a record contract on the strength of her dad's name alone, sh »»

KISS Unveils $4000 Coffee Table Book

You've heard of coffee table books about coffee tables...but what about a coffee table book that's the size of a coffee table?  KISS revealed their new monstrosity, a $4000, 45-pound book of rare photographs and other KISS-related stuff that most sa »»

KISS And Family Guy Team Up For Licensing Deal

The band KISS and the adult cartoon Family Guy have joined forces in signing up for a mega licensing deal. The co-branded product line will hit stores in the fall, and will carry everything from bobble heads to fine art. President of Fox Consumer Pro »»

KISS And Motley Crue Announce The Tour

Sure to be the definition of "more bang for your buck", KISS and Motley Crue have announced a co-headlining tour for this summer.  Each band will play a 90 minute set and KISS will close the show each night.  The tour will mark the first time in 30 »»

Gene Simmons Creates Super Rock Band

Gene Simmons has decided to put together the band to end all other bands, and take said band on tour. Calling themselves Rock 'N' Roll Allstars,  members Joe Elliot, Duff McKagan, Matt Sorum, Gilby Clarke, Glenn Hughes, Steve Stevens, Sebastian Bach »»

Review: Archie #630 by Alex Segura & Dan Parent

The Archie/KISS saga comes to it's conclusion! »»

Review: Archie #627 by Alex Segura & Dan Parent

KISS comes to Riverdale to fight monsters. Gene must be filming another reality show... »»

Gene Simmons A Sex Addict According To Bandmate

Gene Simmons' former Kiss bandmate, Ace Frehley, claims that Gene is a sex addict in his new book.  Ace described Gene as willing to have sex with "anything that moves".  Ace originally left the band in 1982, and then returned in 1996 only to leave »»

PSN PS3 Store Weekly Update: Dead Space 2 Demo, LittleBigPlanet 2 Demo, Borderlands, MAG & More

Here are the items now available for download on the PSN on PS3. Downloadable Games Borderlands ($29.99) Lock, Load, & Face the Madness. With its addictive action, frantic first person shooter combat, massive arsenal of weaponry, RPG elements »»

Moulin Rouge! - Blu-ray Review

Beloved hyper-kinetic musical gets deluxe treatment for high-definition release. »»

Monday Morning Critic 10.4.2010 - The Third Man, Beach Boys and Annoying Children

Adventures in dealing with children at the theatre, riffing on the new Beach Boys inspired musical and a DVD review of The Third Man that gets quasi-philosophical. »»

EA Reveals Madden NFL 2011 Soundtrack

Remember when Madden introduced you to Franz Ferdinand or 30 Seconds to Mars?? Well, this year Madden is taking a step back and bringing you some of your favorites from the past. Check out the full soundtrack listing below. Madden NFL 11 hits stor »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

While my comrades have given their accounts of favorite songs and albums, I decided to put a spin on my entry for this feature and look at my top 21 favorite dance tracks of the past ten years (with two other bonus lists!) ... »»

MGF Reviews Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell: The Original Tour [DVD]

Be it the man or the food—you either like Meat Loaf or you don't. I happen to like both, so stomaching the newly released Bat Out of Hell live DVD was as painless as Sunday dinner at Mom's house. In fact, it was a highly enjoyable experience—finally being able to see a Meat Loaf concert filmed during his most legendary tour. ... »»

Gene Simmons Family Jewels: The Complete Season 3 - DVD Review

The rock 'n' roll ego with the enormous tongue is back with another season about his favorite subject: himself. That's right, Gene Simmons and clan are back for 28 more episodes of hilarious "reality" TV. I must start by stating that as a general rule, I hate "reality" TV. I find most of it very annoying and seriously doubt the "reality" of most of it. Yet, despite my best efforts can't hate Family Jewels. Gene Simmons, Shannon Tweed and their kids, Sophie and Nick, are just too damn entertaining. »»

Role Models - Review

Would you let these two supervise your kids? »»

MGF Reviews Alice Cooper - Along Came A Spider

Alice Cooper - Along Came a Spider SPV Records (7/29/08) Rock Thirty years into a career and Alice Cooper is still managing to crank out solid material. And much like his more metallic doppelganger, Ozzy Osbourne (if Ozzy's the godfather of metal, there's no reason Alice can't hold the same title for rock), it's as much about the talent you surround yourself with as it is about your own. On Along Came a Spider, Cooper has his own little core (Kiss drummer Eric Singer and guitarist Danny Saber) for the most part, with a revolving door of musicians to fill in the missing pieces, most notably guitarist Slash adding an entire new dimension to “Vengeance is Mine." Sharing songwriting credits is an equally eclectic bunch—from Keri Kelli to Jani Lane (Warrant) and Osbourne himself. »»

MGF Reviews Night Ranger - Hole in the Sun

Unfortunately for Night Ranger, they're one of those acts that engender slight embarrassment when you say you like them. I know that I feel that way when I admit it. All of the red faces can be broken down to two words: "Sister Christian". ... »»

Available at
In a television world that has been overrun by reality TV, I generally always cringe at the idea of sitting through any amount of it. But I must admit that Family Jewels is a pretty entertaining reality show as far as they go. So what is it that makes this show about a self-indulgent rock star and his family worth watching? »»

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