Kue's Korner: Romance and Attitude (WWE, The Rock, John Cena, Stone Cold Steve Austin, CM Punk, Chris Jericho)

It's Kue. It's my Korner. And I'm very much looking forward to this Otunga/Henry/Santino match to come to a quick and anti-climatic end. Jonah Kue's Twitter Jonah Kue's Facebook Fan Page Jonah Kue's Youtube Channel Blunt Though I agree »»

Kue's Korner: Kue vs. Pulse Vol. 1 (WWE, John Cena, The Rock)

It's Kue. It's my Korner. One more K, and I might just be in some trouble. Besides, brown people don't really carry the pointy white hat look very well. Jonah Kue's Twitter Jonah Kue's Facebook Fan Page Jonah Kue's Youtube Channgel I'm fe »»

Kue's Korner: Chemistry 101: Promos and WM28 (WWE, Chris Jericho, CM Punk, John Cena, The Rock, The Undertaker, Triple H, Santino Marella)

Processing the purported propensity for perfectly performed promotional patter persuading punters to promptly purchase pay-per-views. »»

Kue's Korner: Product of Progression, Hopefully (WWE, Elimination Chamber, CM Punk, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, John Cena, Kane)

It's Kue. It's my Korner. Guess I could give some type of horrible intro that tries too hard to be like a bad version of Kevin Smith, but I guess I'll stick to the alliteration I'm so famous for. Jonah Kue's Twitter Jonah Kue's Facebook Fan Page »»

Kue's Korner: Peace with the Status Quo/Middle Ground Mark Henry (WWE)

It's Kue. It's my Korner. You know it, and if not, you should. There's your intro. Jonah Kue's Twitter Jonah Kue's Facebook Fan Page Jonah Kue's Youtube Seeing Red It's amazing how, as of late, 'E has had a habit of sweeping the rug out fr »»

Kue's Korner: A Cooler Perspective on the Road to 'Mania

I honestly thought it was over. The way they've wasted Punk's push....the way they're wasting a golden opportunity to make Cena interesting again....and Sheamus in the Rumble.....I thought it was enough to drop the remote and actually head out for a »»

Kue's Korner: The 'Mania Memos: John Cena and Dwayne Johnson

What's up, ladies and gents? Welcome to the lovely, little Korner of Kue. I'm your dashing columnist, Jonah Kue, and today, I'm starting a series of articles that will pop up from now until Miami titled 'Mania Memos. Here, I'll touch on topics that r »»

Kue's Korner: Return to the Fold; Expect the Expected (WWE)

What's up, guys and dolls. Welcome to the severely-missed realm of Kue's Korner. I'm your long-absent analyst, Jonah Kue, and it looks like I owe you readers an apology. So, I'm sorry you were subjected to Gojira's Paula Cole references and retro 50' »»

Kue's Korner: Hold Your Horses, It's Just the Beginning; A Dose of Painkilla (WWE)

Why, hello there, kids. Welcome to this Korner we've come to know as Kue. I'm your cult of personality known as Jonah Kue, and we're simply going to dive right into things this week. Let's move along, shall we?   Twitter: @jonahkue Blog »»

Kue's Korner: Leader of the Pack; Picking Up CM Punk's Pieces

Twitter: @jonahkue Blogger: Kue's Korner Lite Youtube: Jonah Kue   Jonah's Jumpstart I'll skip the introductions this week, folks. This week is bigger than witty salutations and classy metaphors. This week, we core wrestling fans »»

Kue's Korner: The Return; Unfocused = Refocus?; A Dose of Painkilla (WWE, TNA)

Don't I know you from somewhere? Ah yes, I do remember, but it's been so long. I suppose it's my fault. But I simply wanted to tell you all something. As Jonah. There's a reason I came back. It's not because of the money. It's not to promote a movie. »»

Kue's Korner: Anonymity, thy name be...Fruity Pebbles? (WWE, TNA)

Bring it on home, guys and dolls. And by home, I do mean my humble abode we've come to call "Kue's Korner". I'm your main resident, Jonah Kue, and we've got a pretty brisk column for you today. Consider it a decent manifestation of the current state »»

Kue's Korner: Sign of the Times; Austin vs. Cena (WWE, TNA)

Fresh off of an Office rerun, it's the hottest part of your mid-week indulgences, the Korner of Kue. I'm your creative typist, Jonah Kue, and I do apologize for the tardiness of this column. A little promotion from the current day job had me a bit bu »»

Kue's Korner: Be Yourself x50 (WWE, TNA)

Yo, homies. Come on and kick it in my krib, also known as Kue's Korner. I'm your emcee for the evening, Jonah Kue. We're coming off the heels of a lackluster 'E PPV and I can't say I'm not disappointed, but then again, not sure why I was expecting mu »»

Kue's Korner: Arriving in Autotune; Pay-Per-Refreshes (WWE, TNA)

Hola, mi amigos. Welcome one and all to my lovely haven known as Kue's Korner. I'm your resident Korner holder, Jonah Kue, and this week, your host has been exhausted due to a hectic schedule. Also, I've been concocting something new for us 'rasslin' »»

Kue's Korner: The Danger of Disinterest;Building the Built (WWE, TNA)

Coming straight from the sweltering heat of D.C. is Tuesday's only Korner worth being in; that which belongs to Kue. Yours truly, the condescendingly charismatic Jonah Kue, is your host and the owner of said Korner, and what a week it's been. From ne »»

Kue's Korner: Close the Window, There's a Draft! (WWE, TNA)

Well, good day to you, lads and laddies. Welcome to the abode known as Kue's Korner. I'm your decorated and dressed columnist, Jonah Kue, and we're rolling off the repercussions of the 2011 WWE Draft. But before we get to that, it's been a rather eth »»

Kue's Korner: Quandaries and TNApoly; What You Already Know, but Funnier

Good day, ladies and gents. Shortcuts are welcome, but don't dare cut this Korner. Kue's Korner, that is. And I'm your dastardly, yet delicate columnist, Jonah Kue. This past week was, to say the least, newsworthy. And I join the dead-horse-beating c »»

Kue's Korner: The WWE Laundry List (What Changes and What Stays the Same)

Why, hello there, friends and fans. Please wipe your feet off before stepping into this humble abode entitled “Kue's Korner”, now coming to you on Tuesdays. I'm your undeniably charming host, Jonah Kue, and the day of the week ain't the o »»

Kue's Korner: Condiments Galore! A Look at Managers Today

This week, yours truly takes a look at managers of the WWE, past and present, and why the Miz and Alex Riley are better parting ways. Still....it's so hard.....to say goodbye.....to A-Ri. (90's reference. WINNING). »»

Kue's Korner: Skip-A-Turn; Post-Wrestlemania Predictions and Presentations

So, with the coming of Nostalgia 27 taking the forefront of our attention, what does the future hold after the Showcase of the Immortals? Your favorite doe-eyed columnist takes a look at potential events post-'Mania. »»

Kue's Korner: Baby Oil and Beards; CM Punk and RKO's Establishing Feud

Yeah, yeah, the Rock and Cena. But let's get back to a feud that actually has a match for 'Mania. A feud that's really helping build longevity in character: Black and Yellow vs. the Voices. »»

Kue's Korner: Allow Perfection to Grow; a look at Dolph Ziggler

We've got a pure and honed main eventer in our friend, Dolph Ziggler. But what's holding him back? If you've caught him on NXT, you should know. »»

Kue's Korner: Thoughts Jumbled Before the WWE Royal Rumble

Predictions on Wrestlemania are running thinner than Miss Cleo's. And that, my friends, is the beauty of it. Plus, Ziggler, Orton, Miz, and Cena really doing a cracker jack job. Call this the optimistic column this week. »»

Kue's Korner: An Eye for the New Year; CM Punk and John Cena

We're here, 2011. And this first Punk-led Monday Night Raw said it all. This year, it's a damn good time to be a wrestling fan. »»

Kue's Korner: No Daniel Bryan Left Behind

To be honest, I've never been unexcited while watching a Bryan match. With all this said, why do I feel a dwindling feeling when it comes to his immediate future in the WWE? »»

Kue's Korner: From Blue to Teal; Smackdown's Descent

Greetings, friends and acquaintances. Welcome to Kue's Korner where I, your host, the ever eclectic Jonah Kue, feed you my thoughts on the comings and goings (ah, let's stop that, you naughty minds, you) in the world of amateur wrestling....just kidd »»

Kue's Korner: Narrowing Down WWE's Nexus

With the flaky feud between the boys of yellow and black and Cena winding down, what will come from the ashes? An analysis of what this potentially captivating rivalry will give us in the long run. »»

Kue's Korner: The Miz & The Palace of Wisdom

What to do with a new world champion? Take advantage ala the Rockers. And do so with the one thing that can brand main event stars: the WWE Title. Miz and Morrison, spotlight's on you. »»

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