Jurassic Park 3D - Review

Hold on to your butts... »»

The Master - Review

A challenging film that must be seen - especially in 70mm »»

David Lynch's Blue Velvet coming to Blu-Ray

Noir classic coming to Blu-Ray »»

Little Fockers - Review

Sequel to unfunny series of movies even less funny. »»

Universal Gives Birth To New Little Focker Trailer

Robert De Niro and Ben Stiller return for second sequel to 2000's Meet the Parents »»

Recount - DVD Review

Another election year and I once again find myself simultaneously glued to the television while veraciously reading newspapers and online news sites. Trying my hardest to keep up with everything pertaining to the hot button political issues our country will be forced to face over the next four years and beyond. While that's all well and good, Recount really send the message home that it's not the voting process that's tricky, it's the actual counting of ballots where things start to become, how shall we say, complicated. »»

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