Disc News: G.I. Joe: Renegades breaks on Blu-ray

G.I. Joe has reenlisted in the battle against Cobra. The sides have flipped. Cobra is now a respected corporation and GI Joe has become the bad guys in the eyes of the public. G.I. Joe: Renegades has the team doing their hardest to unmask Cobra's rea »»

Bionic Woman Season 3 DVD Collection Set For An October 4, 2011 Release!

Final season of Lindsay Wagner's cult classic Bionic Woman series to hit shelves very soon. Will it be the last? Are the TV movies in limbo? »»

Six Million Or Billion Dollar Bionic Man & Woman A Go By Kevin Smith With Alex Ross On Covers

Comics top creators bring bionics back to comics starting in August 2011. »»

Disc News: More Bionic Woman springs in May

Fate complicates things. »»

Six Million Dollar Man Complete Series Announcement

His technology will be revealed thanks to Time Life. »»

Disc News: Six Million Man Busts Out in November

Time-Life is rebuilding it; they have the technology. »»

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