DVD Review: Leverage (Season 5)

Ultimately, Leverage suffers from the same thing that Dexter did towards the end: it started out being interesting and unique but managed to dig itself into a rut it couldn’t dig itself out of. »»

DVD Review: Leverage (The Fourth Season)

Leverage doesn’t give you anything beyond its basic formula and that’s not a bad thing. »»

Leverage Episode 4-10 Review: The Queen's Gambit Job

Leverage's summer finale brings back Mark Shepard as Sterling, a fan favorite who always spices things up, in what is a pretty normal episode. There are some notable differences--the lack of a real bad guy (the step-dad wasn't overtly evil in the mol »»

Leverage Episodes 3-7 & 3-8 Review: The Grave Danger Job / The Boiler Room Job

The two episodes of Leverage last night weren't connected, but they each had good plots. The first episode focused on Hardison and Parker, a likable duo whose relationship continues to move slowly. It has its share of twists, as Hardison is sealed in »»

Leverage Episode 4-6 Review: The Carnival Job

Leverage is a show with a formula that works nearly every time. Each week team is introduced to the latest corporate villain, portrayed in such a manner as to clearly divide the good guys from the bad guys, and then they do their tricks to bring him/ »»

Leverage Episode 4-5 Review: The Hot Potato Job

"The Hot Potato Job" is one of those episodes which isn't complicated, the job consisting of the recovery of a potato, which results in lots of useless flashback scenes to fill in the empty space, but the episode is consistently funny, making up for »»

Leverage Episode 4-4 Review: The Van Gogh Job

Wow, that was as nice change of pace, wasn't it? It can get a bit old when every episode of Leverage begins with a client getting in trouble before asking Nate for help, so I was surprised to see the show deviate from the format which worked in nearl »»

Leverage Episode 4-3 Review: The 15 Minutes Job

"The 15 Minutes Job" was the funniest episode of Leverage in a long time with plenty of great moments from all the characters and lots of Parker in particular. I can't help but laugh whenever Parker is talking and she had tons of lines in the episode »»

Leverage Episode 4-2 Review: The 10 Li'l Grifters Job

Through the first two episodes of the season, Leverage has been keen on situations in which the team is isolated from outside resources. The season premiere featured a large, icy mountain and "The 10 Li'l Grifters Job" has a large, antiquated house o »»

Leverage Episode 4-1 Review: The Long Way Down Job

After three seasons, Leverage still remains a very likable show. It will never be touted by all the critics or win many awards, but it has a charming quality that makes it watchable under any circumstance. The characters are as good as it gets, indiv »»

My Lists of the Best of Television From 2010

By and large, numbered list are useful only for entertainment purposes. Without standard criteria, lists reflect authors' personal feelings and tastes. And even if there were a checklist for television show attributes, this is still television where everything is widely varied. My mindset is that lists are immensely fun to read and write. It allows for reflection on the past which is sometimes necessary when episodes continue to be produced and watched. I didn't feel like writing much at the end of the year, but I typed some random lists--no criteria, no quantification, just whatever came to mind (and trying to avoid overlaps). »»

Leverage - Episodes 3-15 & 3-16 Review

This season, Leverage had an overarching plot, and it's been a failure--perhaps more accurately, nonexistent. Burn Notice and its successors on the USA network are the prime examples of shows which can juggle a central story every episode while maintaining an ongoing subplot with a sense of progression through the season. »»

Leverage - Episode 3-14 Review

For whatever reason, TNT decided to split the season in a very awkward place, with only one new episode (the one this week) before the season finale next week. The episode is in December, so I'm guessing "The Ho Ho Ho Job" was planned a while back »»

Leverage – Episodes 3-3 & 3-4 Review

As we're reminded in both "The Inside Job" and "The Scheherazade Job," we don't really know much about these characters, their pasts, and what they've done, other than Nate. Parker, in particular, has a past shrouded in mystery. There is the classic »»

Leverage – Episodes 3-1 & 3-2 Review

Leverage got off to a great return last night with two new episodes, "The Jailhouse Job" and "The Reunion Job." As a special treat, we'll also get two brand new episodes next week to satiate our urge for more fun capers. Last season ended with Nate s »»

Reflections - DVD Review

Reflections is a bad indie film that is more of an amusing watch than anything else. »»

Leverage (The 2nd Season) - DVD Review

Everything that was once old is now new, it seems. Melodrama like Falcon Crest and Dallas has been replicated with Desperate Housewives and Nip/Tuck, amongst others. And the old smarmy heist genre, ala Mission Impossible, has been duplicated in spirit by TNT’s heist drama Leverage. »»

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