Human Target, The Chicago Code and three others cancelled by Fox

Fox decides not to give Human Target a third season, amongst others »»

Lie to Me - Episode 3-13 Review

The third, and possibly final, season of Lie to Me ended last night on positive note. "Killer App" has the proper intensity without going overboard. Cal doesn't throw himself into a life-threatening situation and doesn't bully people for no reason, Gillian gets the largest role she's had in a very long time, and there's several heartwarming scenes with Emily. »»

Lie to Me - Episode 3-11 Review

For a second after Lightman got hit by the car, I wondered whether he'd deliberately gotten into the crash to draw out the paramedic. Lightman's behavior is so ridiculous lately that the thought actually crossed my mind. Luckily, that wasn't the case, but it goes to show how the show is all about danger seeking instead of lies when the idea even pops up. »»

Lie to Me - Episodes 3-9 & 3-10 Review

Without any new episodes in the pipelines (and no room on FOX's schedule), Lie to Me's third season will end with 13 episodes. While it's a possibility Lie to Me become a summer show, I don't really see it happening. If Lie to Me is not renewed, I don't think I'll be heartbroken. I find myself not caring what happens to the characters, and I'm annoyed with Lightman's senseless antics more and more. »»

Lie to Me - Episode 3-8 Review

Lie to Me is in serious need of plot and reduction of filler. The fact is, every episode begins with a small number of suspects and the pool quickly dwindles until Cal berates the criminal into telling the truth. »»

Lie to Me - Episode 3-7 Review

Cal is a character who can get old after a while. It seems like he has to be confrontational in every episode and be mean to one person or another. »»

Lie to Me – Episode 3-6 Review

Last week I said that Lightman constantly getting into dangerous situations is dumb since he never gets hurt and cheapens the dramatic effect. In "Beyond Belief," however, Lightman is brash, but also not in mortal danger, justifying his behavior. It' »»

Will FOX Choose To Save Lie To Me Or Human Target?

Apparently FOX only has the room and budget for its Fall season to save one of their low-rating new programs and the choice has reportedly come down to Lie To Me or Human Target. It is assumed that Lie To Me is the favorite as it is cheaper to make »»

Fox Is Going To Lie To Me In August

Fox Home Entertainment has plans to bring the first season of its television hit to DVD and BD this August. »»

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