Keith Richards Apologizes To Mick Jagger

Keith Richards has apologized to Mick Jagger for comments made in his 2010 autobiography, Life.   The pair were interviewed for the new issue of Rolling Stone together, and Mick talked about excluding Keith from the business end of the band and how »»

Daily Disc Deal: Life (U.K. Version) Blu-ray Release Only $27.99

Already experienced Planet Earth? Try a slice of Life. »»

Blu-ray Deal of the Week: National Geographic Ultimate High Definition Collection Only $34.99

Fans of Planet Earth or Life should definitely consider this for the HD visuals alone. »»

Life - DVD Review

The Discovery Channel is not new to the nature documentary game ... as soon as Planet Earth premiered, they started work on their next nature series called Life. »»

Life's Sarah Shahi To Star in USA's Pilot, Facing Kate

Sarah Shahi is getting a new Life within the NBC Universal family. Shahi, who starred in NBC's Life the past two seasons, has landed the title role in USA's pilot Facing Kate. She'll be playing a lawyer who, after getting a divorce, shifts careers a »»

Life Is Over At NBC

The fates of Chuck and Law & Order may still be up in the air, but NBC was definitive about one on-the-fence show at its upfront presentation Monday: Life will not get a third season. "It will not be coming back," was NBC co-chairman Ben Silverman's »»

Life Gets Picked Up For A Full Second Season!

The ratings for Life's Wednesday debut this week weren't great, but they were good enough to earn the show a full season on NBC. The network announced late Friday that it's picking up nine more episodes of the second-year cop show, which stars Damia »»

Life: Season One - DVD Review

After over saturating the television landscape with countless procedural shows with typical case-of-the-week stories, the networks have finally started to change the recipe. Now we're starting to see an influx of similarly thematic shows that focus on weekly cases, but now include a quirky character defect and overarching plots that take up the entire season. Much like what the USA Network has been toying around with for the past few years. This is the exact type of thing that viewers like me who can't get into the dry, repetitive whodunit's needed to start watching the big four during prime time again. »»

Hitting Shelves This Week...

And here I thought we'd be returning to normalcy, but doesn't appear as if we ever get that in the Lounge. With the new television season starting, I figured August was gearing everyone up for it, but it seems as if September is too. Be sure to check out the debut seasons of a few series including Life, Eli Stone, and The Big Bang Theory. Fans of The Office, Supernatural, and Desperate Housewives. Don't ask for much in way of film because you're getting more sports' titles this week then those with the releases of the World Series Triple Pack and Red Sox Triple Pack. But if you're like me, then one title will surely stand out to you and that's having the Ghost Hunters Live At The Waverly Sanatorium. Start raking up your leaves early, get your pen and paper, and come home to watch any of these great titles as the wind begins to blow a little cooler outside. »»

[NEWS] Post-Strike Schedule For All Your Favorite Shows

Now that the strike is over, you probably want to know when your favorite "scripted" television shows will be coming back to the air with new episodes. The networks have quietly begun outlining plans to salvage what's left of the current TV season and here is what they have come up with...

***However, schedule is subject to change at any moment***

Remote Destination - Best of 2007

So it obviously took long for me to come up with thoughts on 2007. But it was difficult to do,.2007 wasn't a good year for television. It had numerous things going against it. There were the cancelled shows (Rome, Deadwood, Thief) that I felt shoul »»

TiVo Central - First Thoughts on the New Fall Shows

I know you have been waiting for this. It's only been two weeks since the new TV season really got underway, but I have been relatively quiet so far. I know you all want to know what I think of the new shows. Well that is why I am writing this today. »»

Serial Watcher Premiere Week Roundup

With the official premiere week behind us, it's time to take a look at the new shows and see which ones should get the axe and which will get the TIVO season pass (Hey! It rhymes!). Yes, some shows have yet to debut, but with the bulk already on the »»

Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination - Life Review

Life is about Charlie Crews, a cop turned convict turned cop again. It's the story of a man who was framed for a crime who tries readjust to living life in the free world, and his new role as a police detective. For Fans Of - Any of USA's detecti »»

TiVo Central - Interview with Creator, Rand Ravich, and Star, Damian Lewis of Life

The other day a conference call was held by NBC for one of their new shows premiering next week, Life. Press from around the world got the chance to talk to the creator of the show, Rand Ravich, and the star of the show, Damian Lewis. Last year, »»

Fall Frenzy: Remote Destination - Tuesday/Wednesday

Yeah, so I'm back and now we're getting to the meet of my week. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are traditionally days when things ramp up and I'm juggling programs. So let's jump right into it. TUESDAY Tuesday is going to be a busy day. It's got fo »»

Prime Time Pulse Roundtable Discussion: A Look Back at the 2006/2007 TV Season and a Look Forward to the 2007/2008 TV Season

Last month another TV season ended. It was another interesting one. But who exactly came out on top? Which shows climbed to the top of the mountain and looked down at all of its fallen foes in "TV Rerun Hell"? Which shows got cut too soon and which »»

[UPFRONTS] Murtzcellanious: CanWest Global & E!'s Fall Line-Up 2007 - Murtz Jaffer Reviews Global and E!'s New Shows

Okay, so when I reviewed CanWest Global and E!'s actual Upfront presentation on Friday, I told you that I would tell you why I had to use my superpowers to check out all the screeners. After attending the presentation, I rushed over to Global to pic »»

[UPFRONTS] - LIVE COVERAGE - Murtzcellanious: CanWest Global & E!'s Fall Launch 2007

Everything entertainment. That's what the E! network has stood for since its inception in 1987, when it initially launched as Movie Time (a low-budget station that simply aired old movie trailers). In 1990, the network was renamed to E! Entertainme »»

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