American Idol 2011 News: Help! Steven Tyler Has Fallen And Can't Get Up!

Steven Tyler was recently rushed to hospital after suffering a fall in the shower. Reports say that he smashed his face in the bathtub, knocking out several of his teeth in the fall. Aerosmith's rep has confirmed that their concert will be postponed. »»

DVD Review: Super

James Gunn got his start in the film world working at Troma films. Knowing that makes a lot more sense watching Super, but it may not make you enjoy it more. »»

Blu-ray Review: Super

Let’s get the most obvious comparison out of the way first: Super is not a low-budget Kick-Ass. »»

Rainn Wilson Tells Crime To Shut Up In Super Trailer

The Office star wields a mighty wrench as he puts the beat down on criminals with his teenage sidekick played by Ellen Page. »»

James Gunn's New Movie Gets A Super Poster

Superhero comedy stars Rainn Wilson as a crime-fighter out to avenge a broken heart. »»

James Gunn's Super Gets Foolish Release Date

IFC Films to release the dark superhero comedy next spring. »»

James Gunn Sells Super To IFC Films

Rainn Wilson stars as a costume vigilante who fights crime with a wrench. »»

Liv Tyler and Patrick Wilson Sign on The Ledge

Suspense thriller comes from first-time writer/director Matthew Chapman. »»

First Look: Incredible Hulk DVD Extras

With less than a week until The Big Green Machi...I mean The Incredible Hulk smashes DVD and Blu-ray with some Gamma-induced action, Universal Studios has clips from two behind-the-scenes featurettes. Check 'em out inside. »»

The Incredible Hulk - DVD Review

In 2003, a much anticipated comic book film hit theatres with a huge SMASH! It's just a shame that after everyone got to view it, that SMASH turned into a very low knock on a door. Hulk thrilled me when the trailers first aired and I watched as Eric Bana didn't want to get angry because the evil green guy inside of him was going to bust out and tear some sh*t up. Early shots of the CGI Hulk looked awesome and it just appeared as if things were going to just be insane with this film. Then it came out and even though the story veered from the comic book, the film itself didn't. There were comic book panels and weird transitional effects and it was just a complete disaster. Could a sequel save the franchise in any way? Sure it replacing Bana with Edward Norton. »»

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