Wednesday Comments – Breaking Down Villains Month

I know it might not feel like it, with the way the GOP is behaving, but Villains Month is actually over. Let's assess things, shall we? There was some grumbling before the event about how regular creative teams wouldn't be working familiar titles »»

NYCC 2012: Cliff Chiang's New God Orion Redesign Released For Brian Azzarello Wonder Woman DC Comics New 52 Title

Take a look a several bits of concept art for the DC New 52's first New God »»

10 Thoughts Review on R.E.B.E.L.S. #21 by Tony Bedard

Bedard has Lobo and Brainiac 5 vs. 2 Rookie Lanterns... how do you think that one went? »»

REVIEW: Green Lantern #55 By Geoff Johns

In this issue....Lobo. »»

Ritchie to take on DC's Lobo

Looks like everyone's favorite bastich and interstellar bounty hunter, Lobo, will be blasting his way to the big screen like so many of his comic compatriots before him. »»

Who's Who In The DCU 2.24.04

Before I start I just want to acknowledge the passing of Julie Schwartz. He died on Feb 8th. He was instrumental in ushering in the Silver Age, and without him I doubt that the comic industry would look like it does. I certainly wouldn't be doing »»

Who's Who In The DCU 11.19.03

Welcome back to our happy column. Sorry if I was kind of snippy last week. I was kind of stressed because my writing partner (Jason Torres, a name that long time readers might be familiar with) and I were working on writing a pilot for a kid's show »»

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