Los Angeles Lakers Gain Chris Paul, Lose Pau Gasol & Lamar Odom In Massive 3 Team Trade

It is being reported that the Los Angeles Lakers, Houston Rockets and New Orleans Hornets have struck a deal that would send MVP-level point guard Chris Paul to the Lakers. In the deal, Houston would ship Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic »»

Los Angeles Lakers Trade Rumors: Lakers Trying To Acquire Chris Paul & Dwight Howard To Combat Miami?

If you listen carefully, you can hear rumblings that the Lakers are ready to make a move for a shortened NBA season. Actually, even if you don't listen at all you can still probably hear that they want Chris Paul and Dwight Howard. Then again, who »»

McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 20 Line-Up Revealed

The Spawn.com Forums released the full line-up for NBA Series 20. -Kobe Bryant 6 (LA Lakers) -Kevin Durant 2 (Oklahoma City Thunder) -Dwayne Wade 3 (Miami Heat) -John Wall (Washington Wizards) -Derrick Rose 2 (Chicago Bulls) -Carmelo Anthony »»

NBA News: Los Angeles Lakers Guard Matt Barnes Arrested

Barnes is suspected of committing domestic violence. »»

NBA News: Los Angeles Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant Underwent Knee Surgery

The team announced the surgery on Friday. »»

NBA News: Matt Barnes Signs With Los Angeles Lakers

He's getting a lot less than he would have got if the Raptors would have been able to sign him like they wanted to. »»

NBA News: Phil Jackson Returning To Coach Los Angeles Lakers

Jackson took a week off to make his decision and came to the conclusion he wanted to return. »»

NBA News: Los Angeles Lakers Coach Phil Jackson Leaning Towards Retirement

He's retired before, but it makes sense to go out on top. Again. Sorry if I seem harsh, but I'm from Minnesota and live in Wisconsin, so I'm a little jaded towards people who say they are going to retire. »»

Full Court Press: Pete Carroll's Clean Getaway

I am a huge fan of college athletics.  I think that it shows a type of sports that is often untainted by the egos and huge contracts that come inevitably with professional athletics.  Professional athletics are corrupt.  College athletics aren't. »»

Full Court Press: NBA Finals and Free Agents

Just to clear things up, despite the name of this column, as well as my history for publishing large numbers of NBA articles, this weekly column is not going to only be about basketball.  It's merely that the NBA the sport that I follow closely this »»

Wild Pitch: NBA Finals Preview

I don't always watch the NBA Finals.  It's not always exciting.  But I will watch the Finals this year.  I will watch every game.  I will watch every game because, ladies and gentleman, this is basketball.  This is the best Finals matchup the NB »»

NBA News: Lakers Center Andrew Bynum Has Knee Drained

Andrew Bynum has been dealing with a bad knee all post-season and hasn't looked like himself for most of the playoffs, the Lakers hope getting his knee drained will help the Bynum return to his potent self. Bynum has had a slight tear in his meniscu »»

NBA News: Los Angeles Lakers Guard Kobe Bryant Dealing With Knee Injury Heading Into Confrence Finals

Knee injuries are popular with the Lakers right now as Andrew Bynum is dealing with one as well. »»

Checking Up on the NBA Playoffs

Alright, the games are set, the teams are revved up, it's time to break down our conference finals match-ups.  Here we go: I'm sorry, I'm being told that we don't have our four conference finals teams yet. Apparently Cleveland missed the memo on t »»

And Then There Were Eight: NBA Second Round

After a stunning Hawks comeback, a big road win for the Lake Show and an inexplicable left handed free throw attempt by now two time MVP LeBron James (hey, at least they won), we've weeded out eight pretenders and now are left with eight contenders. »»

First Impressions of the NBA Field

Yes I know, the NFL draft is tomorrow.  But given that I don't know enough about college football to formulate my own opinion about the draft, and I don't have the epically slicked hair to copy Mel Kiper, well I'll just stick to the NBA, because I'm »»

NBA Playoffs: Who's Got Game?

With the regular season nearing its close and the playoff picture pretty much set, it's time for fans to turn there eyes to the postseason, where 16 teams enter and one emerges the champion. Regrettably, not all of the match-ups are set, so rather t »»

The Disappearance of Dwight Howard

Orlando has managed to make 6 ft. 11 in., 265-pound man disappear. How is that for a Magic trick? »»

Lee's Kobe Doin' Work Dribbles to DVD this November

Spike Lee's documentary, Kobe Doin' Work, which aired on ESPN, sees a DVD release this November from the Walt Disney Studios. »»

This Loss Hurts A Lot... But It Means Something To Me

We'll have a video blog up concerning this Clipper game on Saturday night... and I'm sure we'll talk about it in our upcoming podcast but... Ya know, Peter and I were having a great time. The Clippers built a hefty lead against the Indiana Pacers... and Eric Gordon looked like he was headed for a career night. »»

Bryant to Pass on Surgery

LOS ANGELES -- Lakers star Kobe Bryant will not have surgery on his right pinkie because recovery would take too long. Bryant has played with damaged ligaments in the finger since February, but said Tuesday that he won't have surgery after seeking opinions from hand specialists. »»

Images of McFarlane SportsPicks NBA Series 15

Today, McFarlane showed off their NBA 15 images. But, before we get to that, it worth noting that Kevin Durant has been removed from NBA 15 so that he can be redone in his brand new Oklahoma City Thunder (DUMB NAME!) jersey. However, his new teammate Desmond Mason will be produced in his Milwaukee Bucks uniform from last year, but will be a very limited run. »»

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