Blu-ray Review: I Love Lucy (Ultimate Season 1)

I Love Lucy: Ultimate Season 1 brings an even greater clarity to the legendary sitcom thanks to the power of Blu-ray. »»

DVD Review: Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection

If the Supreme Court had approved people getting to marry DVD sets, I'd be Mrs. Dean Martin Celebrity Roasts: Complete Collection. »»

Disc News: Complete Dean Martin Roasts Collection In Sept.

This holiday season keep grandma out of the kitchen. Let Dean Martin do the roasting instead! »»

DVD Review: The Lucy Show (Official Sixth and Final Season)

The DVD set wraps up the second TV version of Lucy. »»

DVD Review: The Lucy Show (The Official Fifth Season)

The Lucy Show: The Official Fifth Season gives a fine presentation to the overshadowed series. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official Third Season - DVD Review

The end of Lucy and Viv as a comedy duo wasn’t nearly a jolt like the break up of Abbott and Costello. The fact that Viv popped up as a guest star in later episodes didn’t make it feel so traumatic. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official Second Season - DVD Review

When does red appear black and white? »»

Here's Lucy: Season Three - DVD Review

Here’s Lucy: Season Three keeps up the feeling that this series was a variety show disguised as a sitcom. »»

I Love Lucy: The Movie - DVD Review

I Love Lucy: The Movie is an exciting addition to the classic series.The fresh elements in the film elevate the piece into a real film instead of a cheap way to make another buck off the episodes. »»

Here's Lucy: Season One - DVD Review

Here’s Lucy: Season One shows how Lucy’s kids adapt to finally playing Lucy’s kids on TV. They are rather stiff in the early episodes. By the end of the season, they are finally getting loose enough to look like her offspring. »»

The Lucy Show: The Official First Season DVD Review

Lucille Ball made her name on I Love Lucy, but after the successful run of that show, she was ready to try something new. So in 1962 she created a new show. This was The Lucy Show. And while it wasn't as strong as I Love Lucy, it still proved Ball's comic genius. »»

The Lucille Ball Specials - DVD Review

Lucille Ball was a regular fixture on TV from 1951 to 1974. Her broadcasting dynasty included three different sitcoms (I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show and Heres Lucy) with her playing a crazy redhead named Lucy. After wrapping up her last series, she ma »»

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