Blu-ray Review: The Royal Tenenbaums

One viewing of The Royal Tenenbaums and the film feels as if it’s always been a part of your life. »»

Middle Men - Blu-ray Review

This is easily one of the most underrated films of 2010 and is certainly worthy of your time. »»

Death at a Funeral (2010) - DVD Review

Will Chris Rock have you laughing in the face of death? »»

Middle Men - Review

Highly fictionalized account of how porn changed everything »»

New Red Band Trailer for Middle Men is a Boobfest

There Will Be Blood Boobies! »»

Death at a Funeral (2010) - Review

More like Soul Funeral then British farce, but that’s not a bad thing »»

Tenure - DVD Review

Luke Wilson ought to be a bigger star then he is at this point, and films like Tenure aren’t helping. »»

DVD News: Tenure

Luke Wilson goes from kicking it "old school" to prove that he's worthy of attaining Tenure. »»

Henry Poole is Here - DVD Review

Dealing with the end of your life is something we all view differently. Some embrace what could be on the other side, others choose to ignore it, others overdue things in order to embrace life. Henry Poole (Luke Wilson) has his own way: frozen pizza and massive amounts of alcohol. »»

Henry Poole is Here - Review

Like The Bucket List, except not so preachy »»

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