Why Did M.I.A. Flip Us Off?

Well because really, you don't get an awesome gig like Super Bowl and just NOT give the finger, right? While the whole free world is apparently waiting for M.I.A. to issue an apology for flipping off the crowd and cameras a the  Super Bowl, the peop »»

Madonna Gets Higher Ratings Than The Super Bowl Itself

This year's Super Bowl Half Time Show snagged more viewers than the actual game itself. Madonna's performance had a 48.3 rating, while the game had 47.8. You'd have to guess that a lot of those viewers were actually just waiting to see what kind of c »»

M.I.A. Lashes Out At Record Label After YouTube Pulls Her Latest "Born Free" Video

M.I.A. lashed out at her label, Universal Music Group, after her violent music video "Born Free" was yanked from YouTube just hours after its release on Monday. "F--- UMG WHO WON'T SHOW IT ON YOUTUBE! FOR THE U.S.," M.I.A. tweeted. But the artist, »»

MGF Presents My Top 21 of the 21st (So Far...)

While my comrades have given their accounts of favorite songs and albums, I decided to put a spin on my entry for this feature and look at my top 21 favorite dance tracks of the past ten years (with two other bonus lists!) ... »»


Although police have not officially confirmed the identity of woman who was involved in an altercation after which singer Chris Brown was arrested on domestic violence felony battery charges, all signs would point to it being girlfriend Rihanna, and an inside source with the LAPD has allegedly told the Los Angeles Times that this is indeed the case. ... »»

Soundtrack Double Feature: Pineapple Express! ... Tropic Thunder!

Of the summer's two comedy juggernauts, Pineapple Express was clearly going to be the one with the bitchin' soundtrack. Judd Apatow's films aren't necessarily known for their soundtrack awesomeness in the way that, say, a Tarantino film would be, but he and his people have good taste and usually throw in some surprises... »»

MGF Reviews Santogold - Santogold (#2)

Santogold's record is good enough to warrant at least a portion of the hype in which it's currently being drowned. Listened to in a media vacuum and knowing nothing about Ms. White's condescending enlightened-liberal personality, you could easily be fooled into thinking this record is a pure, joyous expression of electrodelic pop by way of second-wave ska and mid-eighties college rock. But every note of this album is filtered through a smirking ironic screen, and in the end you'll just feel like you've been cast a schmuck for dancing to it. ... »»

MGF Reviews Santogold - Santogold

One of the reasons why Santi's been so hyped might be because of her work ethic, which has had her doing everything from partaking in Mark Ronson's critically acclaimed Version project (covering The Jam's "Pretty Green") to touring with Björk, M.I.A. (whom she's been likened to very much from a stylistic standpoint) and most recently Gnarls Barkley. And if you've watched TV or played a new sports video game in the last... »»

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