Blu-ray Review: Dick Tracy

With the release of Dick Tracy on Blu-ray, the movie finally has a chance to be properly appreciated after 22 years off the big screen. »»

Madonna Says Comments About Obama Were Ironic

Apparently, Madonna was just being "ironic" when she called President Obama a "black Muslim" during a concert last week.  She later clarified for reporters that she is aware that Obama is not actually a Muslim and she doesn't really care what religi »»

Madonna Apologizes For Cancelled Shows

Madonna has posted a video apology to YouTube after cancelling the Australian leg of her MDNA Tour.  In the video, she blames the cancellation on her need to spend time with her children.  It would have been the singer's first shows there in 20 yea »»

Madonna Forgives Elton John, Sort Of

Two weeks after Elton John declared Madonna's career to be "over", Madonna responded by forgiving him.  She dedicated a recent live performance of "Masterpiece" to Sir Elton, although it was a very sarcastic dedication.  The two singers have been e »»

Madonna Facing 10.5 Million Lawsuit In Russia

Always finding a way to keep herself relevant, Madonna is now in hot water with a group of Russian activists. Earlier this month, Madonna challenged St. Petersburg's gay pride ban at one of her concerts, by giving out pink bracelets and showing her s »»

Madonna's Rep Defends 45 Minute Paris Concert

Madonna's representative defended her 45 minute concert in Paris, noting that it was only intended to run that long.  It was a "heartfelt thank you to France", but was not promoted as a full stop on the MDNA tour.  So apparently those who paid $250 »»

Madonna Kicks Off World Tour

Madonna launched her MDNA world tour this week in Tel Aviv, bringing with her a stage show fit for a king. She was not only coming to entertain the masses, but also to spread the word of peace. "I chose to start my world tour in Israel for a very spe »»

Blu-ray Review: W.E.

W.E. at its heart is a vanity project from a person that has an entire film career devoted to vane projects. »»

Madonna Sets Sales Record...For Biggest Drop

People are apparently over Madonna's new CD already.  The album, MDNA, dropped from 350,000 units sold in the first week to 46,000 in the second week, a stunning 88% collapse.  Sales were bolstered by a special deal where copies were bundled with t »»

New Madonna Album A Hit Already

Her new album MDNA has sky rocketed on its first day of sales. An estimated 325,000-350,000 copies have been sold in the US alone. This is Madonnas 12th studio album with Interscope. »»

Madonna Taking Daughter On Tour

Usually going to work with your Mom would be totally lame, but if your Mom was Madonna, it might be a little bit cooler. Madonna is gearing up for her next world tour, and is planning on taking her daughter Lourdes with her. Madonna says: "She's d »»

Madonna Adding Second Yankee Stadium Tour Date

Tickets for the 60 000 seat Yankee Stadium performance of Madonna's newest tour sold out in an amazing 20 minutes to wild fans. She has added a second date to the tour for her New York fans won't miss out! »»

Madonna's Stalker Back In Police Custody

Robert Dewey Hoskins, who was convicted of stalking Madonna and then escaped from a mental institution, is back in custody.  Hoskins was caught in Long Beach, CA.  Apparently he heard Madonna's new song on the radio and decided to turn himself in a »»

Why Did M.I.A. Flip Us Off?

Well because really, you don't get an awesome gig like Super Bowl and just NOT give the finger, right? While the whole free world is apparently waiting for M.I.A. to issue an apology for flipping off the crowd and cameras a the  Super Bowl, the peop »»

Madonna Gets Higher Ratings Than The Super Bowl Itself

This year's Super Bowl Half Time Show snagged more viewers than the actual game itself. Madonna's performance had a 48.3 rating, while the game had 47.8. You'd have to guess that a lot of those viewers were actually just waiting to see what kind of c »»

LMFAO To Perform At Super Bowl With Madonna?

According to, LMFAO will continue their quest to be in the brain of everyone alive by guesting at the Super Bowl with Madonna.  He dropped the info during an interview, although Madonna's representatives have not yet confirmed that party r »»

Elton John's Husband Gets Catty With Madonna

Following Madonna's surprise win for Best Original Song at the Golden Globes, Elton John's hubby David Furnish took to the internet in dramatic fashion to register his disgust the world over.  "Madonna?  Best Song????  Fuck off!!!" was his respons »»

David Furnish Is Sorry

Elton John's husband David Furnish has decided to eat his catty words. After bad mouthing Madonna after her recent Grammy win (because lets face us, Elton should have won), he has posted an apology via facebook. He says: Wow! What a tempest in a »»

Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Opens Archives To The Public

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland is opening its doors to the public.  Rarities such as letters from Madonna and concert footage of the Rolling Stones will be available for viewing in the archives.  The collection is housed in »»

Madonna Signs New Recording Deal With Interscope

Madonna has signed a new three-CD deal with Interscope Records, with a base pay of $1,000,o00 per album.  The deal will work in tandem with her 10-year deal with Live Nation.  The deal marks her first commitment to a label other than Warner Brother »»

Madonna Confirmed To Play Super Bowl Halftime Show

Madonna has been confirmed to be part of the halftime entertainment show at Super Bowl XLVI. »»

Madonna's Tour Itinerary Released

Various details of Madonna's upcoming 2012 tour have been spilling out into the open over the last few months. Now it looks like her tour itinerary has been released: May 31, 2012: Tel Aviv, Israel June-July 2012: Europe August-September 2012: »»

Madonna Launching Lifestyle Collection

Madonna has a new collection in the works, and is teaming up with Iconix to get it off the ground. Truth or Dare will start out as a perfume, and then will be accompanied with footwear, accessories, intimates, and bags. Madonna says: Over the past »»

Madonna's 2012 Tour Not Happening

Madonna's publicist has refuted rumors saying that there will be a 2012 tour, saying it's just a rumor. Madonna has confirmed that she will be coming out with a new album in the spring, and the first single will be out in early 2012. »»

Madonna To Perform At Super Bowl Halftime Show?

Madonna has reportedly agreed to perform during the halftime show for Super Bowl XLVI in 2012.  Madonna and the NFL both deny that any deal has been made, but Madonna has a new single to be released in February of 2012, so the timing would be right. »»

Bad Movies Done Right - Animals

You know a film is in trouble when Marc Blucas is the best thing going for it. »»

Disc News: Glee The Complete First Season Details

Inside Pulse lets you know when you can get your glee on (on DVD and Blu-ray!). »»


Nominees for the 52nd Annual Grammy Awards were announced Wednesday night. The broadcast will take place Jan. 31, 2010, at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Here is a shortened list of nominees from the major categories... »»


You just can't make this stuff up, folks. Just weeks after Madonna was dumped from a horse (not surprisingly, even a horse can't stand to be around her), the equines continue to revolt, this time leaving singer Leona Lewis in their path of destruction. ... »»

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