Blu-ray Review: Silent Hill: Revelation

A lack of suspense and scares doesn't make Silent Hill: Revelation a horror movie. It makes it horrible. »»

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D - Review

All the plusses of the first film, all of the negatives to »»

Fantastic Fest '12: Antiviral - Review

David Cronenberg's son is a chip of the ol' fleshy mound of biomachinery »»

Barry Munday - DVD Review

A light-hearted comedy that hits below the belt…literally. »»

Warner Bros. Formally Announces 40th Anniversary of A Clockwork Orange

Blu-ray news that will have you singing in the rain. »»

Queued Up: Comic Book Movie Edition – Tank Girl

There are few comic book-to-movie adaptations as enthusiastically untethered to logic or poise as Rachel Talalay’s big screen version of Tank Girl. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) - Suck

Fangs for the music. Rock and roll vampire flick high in camp, enjoyment. »»

Easy A - Review

Sharp dialogue and a fiery redhead highlight an unexpected comedy surprise. »»

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes - DVD Review

Tom and Jerry Meet Sherlock Holmes is a worthy battle royale of elementary wits. »»

Halloween 2 - Review

Rob Zombie’s opus is complete. Too bad it sucks. »»

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