Blu-ray Review: Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

It's the perfect title for night owl viewers during the holiday season. »»

DVD Review: Wonder Woman (1974)

Wonder Woman versus Khan in this failed TV pilot movie. »»

DVD Review: Perry Mason (Season 8, Volume 1)

This volume covers the last hurrah of Ray Collins as Lt. Tragg. »»

DVD Review: Mannix (The Final Season)

Mannix: The Final Season is a new experience for fans that didn't catch the 8th season on CBS back in 1974. »»

DVD Review: The Lucy Show (Official Sixth and Final Season)

The DVD set wraps up the second TV version of Lucy. »»

DVD Review: Mannix (The Seventh Season)

This season gives the penultimate 24 episodes that make the private eye go from Scotch on the rocks to China white to solve his cases. »»

DVD Review: Mannix (The Sixth Season)

The Sixth Season brings another 24 episodes of a private investigator that could track down a killer faster than entire CSI department. »»

DVD Review: The Lucy Show (The Official Fifth Season)

The Lucy Show: The Official Fifth Season gives a fine presentation to the overshadowed series. »»

DVD Review: Mannix: The Fifth Season

The fifth season of Mannix could also be labeled the "Double Life of Mike Brady." »»

Mannix: The Fourth Season - DVD Review

Joe Mannix never came off as a cheap detective but he wasn’t rolling in dough by any means, either. »»

Ellery Queen Mysteries - DVD Review

Why Ellery Queen only lasted a season is still a mystery. »»

Mannix: The Third Season - DVD Review

For a full viewing experience a fan must prepare the proper dinner to accompany their DVD. Grill a ribeye steak, bake an Idaho potato and pour a tumbler of Scotch before you press play on Mannix: The Third Season. »»

Mannix: The Second Season - DVD Review

Mannix: The Second Season keeps the hard knocks rolling. Mannix is even more of the Man by not working for the Man. He’s the ultimate TV private eye with his endless appetite for Scotch, steak, women, bullets and trouble. »»

Cannon: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

Frank Cannon (William Conrad) sounded like a 6’8” hulk of a man in a dark room. His husky voice unloaded more of a blast than any legal handgun. When the lights came on, he was only a 5’8” tubby guy. The only thing larger than is appetite for fine food was his hunger for justice. He was an ex-LAPD cop that entered the world of private investigation. Odds are he did it to avoid the weight requirements. His clients varied from the extremely rich to quite a bit pro bono work. During the early ’70s when detectives were all over the TV dial, Cannon’s gut set him apart from his height and weight proportionate rivals. Cannon: Season One, Volume Two fills his plate with 13 cases heaping with action, deceit and mystery. »»

Mannix: The Second Season due in January

Be prepared for a big change when Mannix: The Second Season hits the street on January 6, 2009. Joe Mannix has split from the computer driven Intertect agency. He's now an independent private investigator. His only help is secretary Peggy Fair (Gail »»

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