Nicki Minaj Blows Up At Mariah Carey On Idol Set

Oh, the drama.  TMZ caught pink-haired diva Nicki Minaj launching into a profanity-laden tirade against fellow American Idol judge Mariah Carey, despite their denials of a feud.  Mariah can be heard responding in kind, although the poor quality of »»

Nicki Minaj And Mariah Carey Deny Idol Feud

Although the judges for the 12th season of American Idol have barely been announced, rumors are already swirling about a feud between them.  Both Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey laughed off the suggestions at a recent press gathering, with Mariah notin »»

Nicki Minaj Signs Onto American Idol

Women will be ruling the judge's panel on American Idol. Nicki Minaj is the newest judge to be signed onto the show, following the recent addition of Mariah Carey. There are also talks that in the future, Randy Jackson will take on a mentoring role i »»

Mariah Carey Reveals New Single

Mariah Carey has let the cat out of the bag when it comes to her new single. Triumphant features both Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Carey also said that she is collaborating with other artists for her upcoming album, which will be her first new album sinc »»

Mariah Carey To Join The Ranks Of American Idol

Pop diva Mariah Carey announced today that she will be joining American Idol as a judge in its next season. She says. "As a singer, songwriter and producer, it's going to be fun and rewarding to help find new talent and give back with American Idol, »»

Mariah Carey Hanging Around Lesbian Bars?

Mariah Carey has been seen hanging out in a lesbian bar as of last night.  Don't worry, though, she was just celebrating President Obama's announced support of gay marriage.  Although Nick Cannon was nowhere to be seen, so you never know... »»

Nick Cannon Quits Radio Show

Nick Cannon has announced that he will be giving up his hosting duties on his radio show Rollin' with Nick Cannon. He says: "Under doctor's orders, I have been asked to put my health first and cut back on some of my professional commitments in ord »»

Nick Cannon Released From Hospital

After being hospitalized for minor kidney failure in Aspen last month, Nick Cannon is now able to rest in his own bed. He is planning on going back to work at his radio show sometime next week, probably just to get some time away from Mariah. A sourc »»

Nick Cannon In Hospital With Mild Kidney Failure

Nick Cannon is currently in the hospital for what Mariah Carey describes as a "mild kidney failure".  Mariah tweeted a picture of herself at bedside with husband Nick, and she asks for prayers as he recovers.  A rep for Cannon had no further commen »»

Update On Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon has been transferred from the hospital in Aspen to a medical facility in Los Angeles, according to Mariah Carey's Twitter.  Carey had been soliciting prayers for Cannon's recovery a "mild kidney failure", but Cannon posted his own statem »»

The X Factor 2011 Spoilers: Enrique Iglesias And Pharrell Williams Join The X Factor

Enrique Iglesias and Pharrell Williams will join the X Factor as mentors to contestants. It's also been rumored that Rihanna and Mariah Carey will be making appearances on the show. »»

Justin Bieber Reveals Christmas Track Listing

Justin Bieber will be joined by a host of celebrity guests for his upcoming Christmas CD, titled "Under The Mistletoe".  Bieber will do a variety of Christmas standards with artists such as Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, and the Band Perry.  So you kno »»

Nick Cannon Continues to Deny Mariah Carey is Pregnant

While they would probably make beautiful children, Nick Cannon says he and Mariah Carey are not pregnant at this time. Digital Spy reports that "Nick Cannon has once again dodged rumors that wife Mariah Carey is expecting their first child. "Repo »»

Mariah Carey Owes Her Vet $30,000

She should be able to cover it... »»

Mariah Carey Literally Puts Out a Fire on Stage

She didn't start the fire! »»

Precious - Review

Insert Lord of the Rings joke here »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 2.17.09

American Idol: Season 8... this is not good, America. They let some people in that shouldn't be here at all, with a healthy dose of mediocre-at-best talent amid the group of remaining contestants. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 9.12.08

The top story of the VMAs this year was Britney Spears, and only for the right reasons this time. She is back in her healthy form, looking balanced and happy, and I'm honestly thrilled that she's back. She swept the awards after not winning in the past and I hope this is a sign of good things to come. ... »»

MGF Reviews Chicago - Chicago (X)XXII: Stone of Sisyphus

You can't call it a comeback; you can't really call it a revival. What you can call it is a lost album that mostly lives up to its reputation, with moments of true brilliance like the title track and "Here With Me". If you're dead-set in your opinion on Chicago, grab this and listen to this. ... »»

MGF Reviews Leona Lewis - Spirit

By now, you've heard the comparisons to Whitney and Mariah, and as Leona Lewis soars as the newest pop diva of 2008, I think those comparisons are justifiable. Plus, Lewis could be working towards a first-name basis with America, now, as the heavy promotions are paying off. ... »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.17.08

Mariah Carey, the female leading entertainer that has been in her own category forever, gracefully coached the Idollites this week, where, let's face it, we just wanted to see "hot and workin' it!" Mariah and had zero expectations for anyone to soar. And overall, this week Idol birthed a star in David Cook. David Archuleta, who I'm starting to feel sorry for because in no way did he actually choose to wear leather pants for his "When You Believe" performance, tackled it well as I expected as he would, and he made it cute while being faced with the daring task of starting first. Of course, this meant that throughout the rest of the show, the singers had to raise their game by default since Archuleta is expected to at least be in the top three. And Mariah's not mad at him. My dear Carly Smithson was in serious trouble this week. She has the chops to hold her own, vocally, on the show, yet she has yet to reach for that golden moment, as failing to do so could have really cost her this week. Nothing special about her performance of "Without You", as she wasn't relaxed, and needs to go back to the weeks where she tapped into her relaxed, carefree energy. Right now, just like Simon said, she's overthinking everything. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.10.08

Since I last wrote, the cruise ship singer (and I'm not talking about Danny), Ramiele, has been voted off and this week, we're in Idol overload. The saddest part of all? Kristy Lee Cook is fairing the best of the women right now! How in the hell did that happen?! I don't even want to recap "Inspirational" night, so let's get to the "star-studded" Idol Gives Back. »»

MGF Reviews Randy Jackson's Music Club, Volume One

Randy Jackson's Music Club, Volume One Concord Records/Dream Merchant 21 (03/11/08) Pop / R&B / Rock / Country If you can ignore the cheesy album cover, Randy Jackson's Music Club, Volume One is actually "pretty good, dawg." Most of America knows Randy Jackson now as a fun-loving American Idol judge, but he is also a Grammy-winning producer, virtuoso musician, hit songwriter and legendary A&R executive. His music industry experience is vast and Music Club Volume One is an accurate representation of what Jackson views as the formula to success in the overall current musical landscape. Paula Abdul's "Dance Like There's No Tomorrow" is catchy in that traditional Paula-Abdul-dance-track fashion and is her first new song in over a decade. Maybe I'm drinking the Coca-Cola, but I think Paula still has it. Joss Stone's "Just Walk On By" would be a solid dance/R&B hit for her and it's great to see her chosen by Jackson as one of the stars to represent what he considers an album that has something for everyone. I would absolutely love to see Joss perform this live with some Paula choreography. "What I Am So Afraid Of" by Trisha Covington, Keke Wyatt and Kiley Dean, is exactly what I'd expect to hear on pop radio and covered on American Idol as the go-to ballad. "Like A" represents the R&B/hip-hop party by Crunk Squad featuring Ghostface Killah. "Who's Gonna Love You Now" has a beautiful vocal by Kellie Love and could provide some good remixes if released as a single. One of the biggest surprises was "Wang Dang Doodle"—and before you get caught up in the title, the legendary Sam Moore, Keb' Mo and Angie Stone provide some Louisiana blues and soul that make this track a welcomed addition to a pop-heavy album. This track provides what I wish more collaborations would do—a true mentor in the music industry like Moore with the up-and-comers who honor the traditional sound with their contemporary touches. »»

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