Nominations For the 70th Annual Golden Globes - Movies

The ceremony airs live on NBC, Sunday, January 13. »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review (3)

Christopher Nolan’s last at-bat has him pulling out all the tricks. »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review

How do you top The Dark Knight? You don’t … but Nolan tries hard to »»

Contagion - Review

Steven Soderbergh delivers an engrossing thriller that makes sure you’ll think twice before touching just about everything. »»

Contagion Character Posters Come Online

Character posters come online »»

Steven Soderbergh Spreads Contagion Trailer Via Web

Soderbergh's latest gets trailer »»

Midnight in Paris - Review

Woody Allen delivers for the first time in a long time »»

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard to Star in 'Dark Knight Rises'

It's official ... but who will they be playing? »»

The Dark Knight Rises Spoilers: Batman and Catwoman Taking on Whom?

A source near the Batcamp shares some information. »»

Marion Cotillard 'in talks' for The Dark Knight Rises

Or, where the sequel to The Dark Knight starts to look more and more like the sequel for Inception. »»

Nine - DVD Review

Not many men may be as lucky as Guido Contini to have so many beautiful and talented women as close to him. »»

Best of the Aughts - Romance

Since the beginning of cinema, audiences have flocked to films with a good love story »»

Jenny's Best of 2009

10. Drag Me to Hell – Sam Raimi Drag Me to Hell is everything that a Sam Raimi fan could want, save an appearance by Bruce Campbell of course. But that small oversight is more than made up for with several silly gags such as a haunted hankie, a t »»

Public Enemies - DVD Review

With not a lot of extras, the single disc edition doesn’t have much to it. If you’re looking for the film and no more, this is definitely the one to pick up. »»

Nine - Review

Rob Marshall chooses style over substance »»

Public Enemies - Review

The masterpiece this summer was waiting for. »»

First poster for Mann's Public Enemies

Captain Jack Sparrow throws down is sword and picks up a machine gun. WOO HOO! »»

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