DVD Review: The Twilight Zone (The Complete Fifth Season)

The final season of The Twilight Zone goes out on a high note that continues to marvel and sustain. »»

Disc News: Complete Remastered Twilight Zone This November

No frills box set of the entire Twilight Zone series coming from Imagine Entertainment. »»

Disc News: Twilight Zone's Last Two Seasons Up Ahead

For those who thought the complete Twilight Zone box set was too expensive, click inside to see when you'll be able to own the season that features the famous William Shatner/"There's something on the wing" episode. »»

Frankenweenie - Review

Burton dips into the well, finds insperation »»

Ivory - Review

Indie about music majors hits most of the right notes »»

Harrison Montgomery - DVD Review

Underneath it all Harrison Montgomery is a sugary sweet fairy tale that just happens to have a scene wherein somebody gets attacked with a staple gun. »»

Disc News: Full Specs Revealed For Twilight Zone Blu-ray

You wanna hear something scary? The set will include new commentaries, interviews, scores and more. »»

North by Northwest (50th Anniversary Edition) - DVD Review

If North by Northwest isn’t a perfect movie then it’s as close as a film can get. »»

9 - Review

Too much sizzle, not enough steak. »»

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