The Martyrshow: Choose Your Own Adventure - WWE Wrestlemania XXVIII Edition

Was the PPV any good? Seriously, I didn't watch... »»

The Martyrshow: Crazy Horses (Ric Flair, JJ Dillon, Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson and those other guys)

What the hell were The Osmonds warbling about? Ask Ric Flair. »»

The Martyrshow: At the Movies (WWE Studios, 20th Century Fox, The Marine III)

Still no Otunga article. It's coming though... »»

The Martyrshow: On John Cena's Title Reigns, Cody Rhodes' IC Title Run and WWE Smackdown

People often like to say that the belts are worthless in modern-day "sports entertainment" & they'll cite things like Cena's 10 reigns as WWE Champion in order to back their viewpoint up. It's kind of hard to argue with that kind of logic when yo »»

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