Reaction of Honor 2.9.2013 (MsChif, Top Prospects)

The Glimpse: MsChif in action for the Women of Honor, the Top Prospects tournament continues and a huge eight man tag! Also a slightly trimmed format for you all - No more "rant" section as writing a rant after writing a reaction was jarring an »»

Rant of Honor 1.26.13 (Adam Cole v BJ Whitmer, Matt Hardy, Top Prospects)

The Glimpse: Jay Lethal and Kevin Steen will be allowed to come face to face tonight!  Adam Cole will defend his TV Title again BJ Whitmer and Matt Hardy is in action.  Truth Martini is on color commentary. The Action: In Ring Face to Fa »»

Stone Cold E.T. to Crash FWE Show in NYC this Weekend, Featured Contest is Matt Hardy vs. Carlito vs. Tommy Dreamer in TLC Match

On Saturday 2/16/13, Internet sensation Stone Cold E.T. comes to Family Wrestling Entertainment's iPPV event taking place in NYC. Check out the trailer below: . »»

The View From Down Here - Fans And Their Tales

So... wrestling fans are different from other fans, are they? I beg to differ... »»

Rabblecast #298 NXT Invasion, CM Punk vs WWE

Invasion story lines are nothing new to, Professional Wrestling. Especially with companies like, WWE. But that's exactly what happened during the final match of, WWE's Survivor Series 2012 PPV. The casual wrestling fan was introduced to, Seth Rollins »»

Rant of Honor 11.10.2012 (Road Rage, Cole/Edwards)

The Glimpse: Adam Cole defends the ROH TV Title against friend and partner Eddie Edwards.  Bennett and Mondo continue their ongoing feud.  (Matches from Glory by Honor) The Action: Match 1:  Mike Mondo vs Mike Bennett (From Glory by Hon »»

Matt Hardy's Girlfriend Is Less Than Pleased With Sycho Sid's Return Monday

Recently, Matt Hardy's girlfriend & pro-wrestler herself, Reby Sky, spoke out about WWE Legend Sycho Sid returning to RAW this past Monday night after he no-showed independent wrestling events. Here is what Sky wrote: "That piece of sh*t Sid no- »»

Rasslin' Roundtable - 10 Years of TNA Impact Wrestling!

Ten Years of Impact. Check out what Pulse writers say are the most monumental moments of TNA Impact for their first decade. »»

The Stomping Ground: Does Having a Main Eventer Hold a Midcard Title Add Prestige?

Not as good as a Punk/Bryan match, but entertaining nonetheless. »»

Sid Vicious No-Shows Main Event Match Against Matt Hardy

In a main event match advertised for week for Pro Wrestling Syndicate in Rahway, NJ, Matt Hardy was scheduled to face Sid Vicious. At the beginning of the show, the promoter of PWS told the audience that Sid did not even board his flight and was »»

Match of the Year Alert: Matt Hardy vs. Sid Vicious! Hardy Promo Enclosed...

This Friday, former TNA and WWE wrestler Matt Hardy will be wrestling former WCW / WWE superstar Sid Vicious in what is sure to be the match of the year. Matt Hardy cuts a promo for the match below: This match fo »»

Complete Details On New Edge DVD You Think You Know Me?

New retrospective sports a documentary, some memorable encounters, more match repeats and few odds and ends for Blu-ray fans. »»

Matt Hardy Posts New Video

"Learning And Growing" »»

The Stomping Ground: The Biggest Hiccups of 2011

Like the Slammys...only actually entertaining! »»

Rabblecast #254 Resistance Pro Wrestling, Entertainment Era

We sure hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend. We know we did. Erik and Myke return(sans turkey left overs) to bring you all the wrestling news and rumors of the past week(or two). WWE continues pushing forward with their WWE Network. Buil »»

Former WWE and TNA Star Matt Hardy has Huge Legal Problems

Might have really gone too far. »»

Reba Sky Comments on Matt Hardy Arrest, Videos

"Before he posts every video I give him a talk, and I don't want to feel like his mother or babysitter or council, but I say Matt maybe this isn't a good idea." »»

Images of Jakks TNA Impact Wrestling 'Twist of Hate' Matt & Jeff Hardy Exclusives

The latest TNA exclusive figures feature one of the most popular & decorated Tag Teams of all time, the Hardy Boyz. »»

Rabblecast #246 Mark Henry Dominates, Matt Hardy Seeks Help

Hot off the heels of WWE's Night of Champions PPV and the following Monday Night RAW, we have two new WWE champions. But really, we here at The Rabblecast are only concerned with the one. Mark Henry! Is this his final run in WWE? After weeks of video »»

Matt Hardy News: New Arrest, Heading To WWE-Sponsored Rehab, Could Face Charges

The saga of Matt Hardy has been both public and sad in the last few weeks, including multiple arrests and leaving him jobless with TNA firing him. »»

Matt Hardy News: TNA Wanted To Fire Him Before DUI

The truth just keeps on coming. What could TNA execs have to say? »»

The Rager - The Troubles of Matt Hardy and Your Input is Requested!

Welcome to your regularly-scheduled Rager, I am your indubitable gondolier, Chris, and I am here to assist you in making sense of this murky bucket of goo that is the wrestling world and serving it to each and everyone of you but in a more condensed, »»

WWE Superstars Told Not To Contact Matt Hardy

Not difficult to imagine why, but WWE has banned the Superstars from contact with Hardy. »»

Jeff Hardy and his return to TNA Wrestling

Ain't no Matty gonna hold him down. »»

Matt Hardy News: Jim Ross Comments On Controversial Video

Jim Ross reacts to the controversial video. »»

The Stomping Ground: A Short and Sweet Rant

That's right; a double dose of me this week. You know you love it. »»

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