Just Seen It: Holiday Picks for 2012 [Video]

It's the most wonderful time of the year - for classic holiday movies! We give you a choice of the Muppets, Will Ferrell or a trip to the north pole with Tom Hanks. Happy Holidays from Just Seen It! The Muppet Christmas Carol Starring Michael Ca »»

Disc News: Scream Factory Hollers for the Holidays

Scream Factory is bringing back the fear this holiday season. The scary cousin of Shout! Factory is releasing those classic horror films that used to haunt the shelves of your favorite creepy videostores. They've already put out Halloween II, Hallowe »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review (3)

Christopher Nolan’s last at-bat has him pulling out all the tricks. »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review (2)

Nolan brings his Dark Knight trilogy to a close, but does the film rise to the occasion? »»

The Dark Knight Rises - Review

How do you top The Dark Knight? You don’t … but Nolan tries hard to »»

New The Dark Knight Rises Images Surface - Batman, Bane and Catwoman Prominent

Some new images from this summer's highly anticipated The Dark Knight Rises have found their way online. You can view them below. [gallery] »»

New Batman Dark Knight Rises Movie Masters Revealed...Including Alfred!

Check out the newest Movie Masters for Dark Knight Rises: Batman Fans, Without a doubt, one of the biggest, most highly anticipated films for summer 2012 is The Dark Knight Rises. We revealed the first three characters for our 2012 The Dark Kni »»

Just Seen It Movie Review: Journey 2: The Mysterious Island [Video]

Believing it's from his missing grandfather, Sean traces an SOS to an unchartered island. But when he and his friends crash-land, they discover the legend is true. Finding his grandfather, they all must escape the island before it self-destructs. Sta »»

Michael Chiklis To Play Jason Statham's Adversary In Parker

Chiklis to play main villain in Taylor Hackford's Parker. »»

Monday Morning Critic - 7.11.11 - Harry Potter 8 & The Cider House Rules

What's next for Harry Potter ... plus a look at The Cider House Rules on DVD »»

Blu-ray Review: The Romantic Englishwoman

Glenda Jackson and Michael Caine bring their ‘70s heat to a simmering flick. »»

Cars 2 - Review (2)

Pixar goes James Bond? »»

Cars 2 - Review

The open road has been replaced by spy-movie shenanigans. »»

Cars 2 Clip Arrives

New Pixars film gets clip released »»

DVD Review: Hurry Sundown

What is interesting is [Michael] Caine is using his new accent to say, “Sookie.” It’s like he deserves a cameo on True Blood. »»

Gnomeo & Juliet - Blu-ray Review

“The story you are about to see has been told before. A lot.” »»

Juno Temple officially joins The Dark Knight Rises

Rumored casting of Juno Temple has been confirmed. »»

New Cars 2 Trailer debuts

Pixar's second attempt at a franchise gets another, longer trailer! »»

Gnomeo & Juliet - Review

A plague on both your gardens. »»

Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth To Star In Coen Brothers-Scripted Gambit

Remake of Michael Caine, Shirley MacLaine about a con man attempting to sell a fake Monet painting. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant - Old Dogs, New Tricks

RED vs. Harry Brown in the battle of retirees with revenge on their minds. »»

Michael Caine joins The Rock in The Mysterious Island

Caine showing that you're never too old to go on a journey. »»

Harry Brown - Review

Michael Caine rules all. This film doesn’t. »»

SXSW Film Announces Full Festival Line-up

As a film fan and as a Texan, there are few things I get more excited about on a yearly basis then the South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival. While the SXSW's Music festival may get a lot more of the attention from the hipster crowd, it's SXSW's »»

Is Anybody There? - DVD Review

Michael Caine's appearance in this film is the only thing that saves it from being utterly forgettable. »»

Is Anybody There? - Review

Michael Caine is awesome. This film isn‘t. »»

The Dark Knight - Blu-ray Review

"It's not about the money. It's about sending a message." (The Joker, after he found out how much money The Dark Knight made in theaters) »»

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