DVD Review: Family Ties (The Seventh and Final Season)

The final season of Family Ties brings to an end the Keaton family's adventures of surviving the '80s. »»

DVD Review: Family Ties (The Sixth Season)

Family Ties: The Sixth Season keeps up the relaxed family tension. »»

Just Seen It Movies Review: Guilty Pleasure- Our Best Worst Movies Vol.1 [Video]

These movies were either panned by critics, bombed when they were released theatrically, or both! But we champion our favorite Guilty Pleasures. Greg gets all hairy over TEEN WOLF; Teresa has a blond moment with WHITE CHICKS and David goes 'Liza »»

Pre-Order Your Back to the Future Hover Board Prop Replica TODAY

From MattyCollector.com: On February 12th, we rocked the collecting world with the news that Mattel is offering the first-ever hoverboard prop replica from the Back to the Future™ franchise right here on MattyCollector.com. We'll be taking pre-o »»

HorrorPulse - Hobbits Have Stolen Peter Jackson

When will the director of Lord of the Rings put away his silly rings and return to the world of horror? »»

Doc Brown Lands Again in Mysterious Back to the Future Video

The possibility of a fourth Back to the Future? This is heavy. »»

Back to the Future Cast and Crew Celebrate 25th Anniverary

Watch clips from yesterday's panel discussion in New York. »»

Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly in new Scream Awards Promo

Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Reunion will also take place at the Spike TV event. »»

Rare Footage of Eric Stoltz in Back to the Future

Eric Stoltz as Marty McFly - what could have been... »»

Short Excerpt from Back to the Future's Tales from the Future

Where we're going all we need is a Blu-ray player. »»

Mars Attacks! - Blu-ray Review

Mars Attacks! is an adaptation of a 1950s trading card series. And in my opinion, it is one of Burton's most underrated films. »»

Peter Jackson's The Frighteners Haunts Blu-ray this October

Horror comedy from Lord of the Rings director was previously exclusive to HD-DVD. »»

Disc News: Back to the Future Trilogy Blu-ray Release

All three movies on Blu-ray Disc this October? This is heavy. »»

Family Ties: The Fifth Season - DVD Review

After the millions of times it has probably been done by people in home offices, suites, workplaces, dingy garages, furniture stores, and even parking lots...I'm willing to bet that sliding across the floor in an office chair has never looked nearly as cool as when it is done by Mr. Alex P. Keaton. »»

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