Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Promoters Accused Of Ducking Out On $200,000 Bill

Global Live, the company that organized a Michael Jackson tribute concert in Wales last weekend, are accused by a travel company of ducking out on a $200,000 tab for plane tickets.  The company flew celebrities like Christina Aguilera and Jamie Foxx »»

Michael Jackson's Doctor Was Recipe For Disaster

On Day 13 of the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, the prosecution continued to harshly criticize him.  An expert on the drug propofol called Murray's methods and dosing "extreme deviations" from standard care.  All told, the treatments from Murray were »»

Michael Jackson To Release Another Posthumous Album

Once again proving that death is no match for record companies, Michael Jackson's label announced that there would be another CD of unreleased material hitting shelves in November.  Jackson's next disc will be "Immortal," the soundtrack for the hit »»

Michael Jackson Was DOA At The Emergency Room

According to the latest testimony in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, Michael Jackson was dead by the time he got to the emergency room.  The attending doctor, Richelle Cooper, actually pronounced him dead twice and testified that he was gone long be »»

Bodyguards Describe Chaotic Last Moments of Michael Jackson's Life

During today's proceedings in the trial of Dr. Conrad Murray, testimony was heard from MJ's bodyguard Alberto Alvarez.  He described finding Jackson's lifeless body and being ordered by Murray to dispose of an IV bag and vials of medicine.  The tri »»

Michael Jackson Injected Himself With Lethal Dosage?

The defense for Dr. Conrad Murray today opened in court with the theory that Michael Jackson injected himself with the drug propofol in a desperate attempt to overcome his insomnia, and nothing Murray could do would have saved him.   This so far goe »»

Michael Jackson's Family To Inherit $30 Million

Michael Jackson's estate has generated an astonishing $310 million in revenue since his death in 2009, resulting in a preliminary payment to his family of $30 million.  Even after paying all of Michael's back taxes and creditors, the estate still ha »»

PSN PSP Store Weekly Update: Tron Evolution, NeoGeo Ultimate Shooting, Michael Jackson: The Experiance, and More

Here are the items now available for download on the PSN on PSP. Downloadable Games Tron: Evolution ($29.99) Tron: Evolution drops you directly into the heart of the digital grid of TRON as you compete in a series of action-packed game grid ch »»

In Stores Now: Michael Jackson The Experience (Nintendo Wii)

Michael Jackson: The Experience Developer: Ubisoft Montreal Publisher: Ubisoft Platform: Nintendo Wii Get ready to rock your body to decades of iconic tracks by the King of Pop! This unique interactive experience will have you hitting all t »»

How I Met Your Mother - Episode 6-5 Review

I think it's time to break out Barney's hot/crazy scale, because I'm pretty sure Jennifer Morrison's new character of Zoey was well beneath the "Vicky Mendoza" line. This week, Ted tried to pull out of the GNB architecture project. Again. Sorry, b »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) – Goosebumps: The Series

I have mad respect for R.L. Stine. »»

Michael Jackson's Mother Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Kenny Ortega can't dance his way out of this legal quagmire. »»

Michael Jackson's Brother Taken to Hospital with Chest Pains

Doesn't want to take any chances... »»

Usher The New Michael Jackson?

No....not even close »»

Michael Jackson Had "Begged For Financial Help"

Do we really need to hear all this? »»

Joe Jackson Denies Rumors That Michael Jackson Was Gay

Michael still has no comment on the story. »»

Michael Jackson's "Secret Wife" Denied

She gets nothing! »»

Tinnitus & Tigersuits: Larynx vs. Lyrics. Final Battle: FIGHT!

Vocals are one of those feisty battle lines played out within genres, friends, families and other groups when we discuss music and what we like about it. There is a definite divide between those who like to hear the words first and foremost, and those who place the emotion behind them as a greater focus. ... »»

American Idol - Episode 9-19 Review

Will this be the first diva-free American Idol? There doesn't seem to be a single female contestant that has an explosive and emotional vocal ability. It's a tepid bunch even amongst the few talented amongst the remaining eight. Nobody seems able to »»

Bad Movies Done Right — Bad Moon

Dennis the Menace vs. Wolf Man »»

The SmarK DVD Rant: All Singing, All Dancing!

No, I'm not reviewing the new Fame DVD. Thank god. Even I have some standards. However, both selections this time definitely tie into the musical theme.


Michael Jackson's This Is It - Blu-ray Review

This Is It renewed with much vigor my love for Michael Jackson and his music fell into heavy rotation on my iPod. »»

More Reasons Why Being Deaf Sucks/Rocks: Why I Hate Jodeci

My beef is that most of the R&B/pop artists in the past fifteen years have focused their energies on being clever and pushing the envelope rather than being good. And to me, that’s a shame. ... »»

New Hot Tub Time Machine Red Band Trailer!

Flabbergasted. I'm just utterly flabbergasted. This is why I love the '80s! »»

Confessions of a Spec Tater — Shine On

This week: Crochet mallets made scary »»

National Film Registry adds Michael Jackson, Muppets and Spaghetti

While senators and representatives won't be re-enacting Michael Jackson's "Thriller" on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, the Library of Congress will be preserving it for all time. »»

Taking a Dip with this Hot Tub Time Machine Trailer

Talk about your high concept comedies. I'm wondering if the working title was "Better Off Pruned." Any fans of John Cusack should get that '80s reference. For those that don't, just watch the trailer and laugh accordingly. »»

Disc News: This Is It, Moonwalking to Your Living Room

Sony Pictures has announced This Is It for DVD and Blu-ray this January. »»

Michael Jackson's This Is It - Review

If you love MJ's music then you will certainly love this glimpse into what surely would have been the crowning achievement of his career. »»

MGF Reviews Quincy Jones - The 75th Birthday Celebration: Live at Montreux 2008

This two-disc, all-star tribute to Quincy Jones is packed with hours of killer jazz, blues, funk, soul and rock. ... The lineup of guest artists is daunting, and they are featured in some incredible performances, displaying love for both their craft and the night's honoree. ... »»

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