Michelle Monaghan Covers Health 2011: I Had Skin Cancer'

Michelle Monaghan can thank her husband Peter White for a lot of things – among the many was his insistence on getting her to the doctor for an important checkup a few years back, where she was told devastating news. Luckily, she is now healthy and »»

Blu-ray Review: Source Code

Source Code is a fast-paced thrill ride with the perfect blend of science fiction that will leave you thinking about this film long after it’s done. »»

Source Code - Review

Duncan Jones avoids sophomore slump »»

First Five Minutes of Source Code Unveiled

First five minutes of follow up to Moon revealed! »»

SXSW '11: Source Code - Review

Robocop for the digital age »»

The Beaver, Conan Documentary To Have World Premiere at SXSW

South by Southwest Film Festival to include screenings of Paul, Ti West's The Innkeepers and Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop. »»

Trailer Watch: Source Code Pushes the Reset Button Again and Again

This mash-up of Deja Vu and Groundhog Day is Duncan Jones' follow-up to his feature debut, Moon. »»

Due Date - Review

Great acting elevates a subpar script »»

Trucker - Review

Michelle Monaghan tries working the “Getting ugly = Oscar success” formula to mixed results »»

Made of Honor - DVD Review

There seems to a recent trend that Hollywood and screenplay writers are hoping will catch on when it comes to releasing romantic comedies. We all know that the genre is the most tired and worn-out type of film going today. However, we have seen so many chick flicks being presented in reverse. Usually romantic comedies are told through the perspective of the woman, but films like Definitely, Maybe have flipped that idea around and have told the standard romantic comedy story through the eyes of the man. It's refreshing for sure, but it doesn't always work. Next to attempt to be a fresh and unique entry in the romantic comedy genre by attempting to reverse roles is Made of Honor. »»

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