New Poster, Trailer for L.A. Slasher (Mischa Barton, Drake Bell, Brooke Hogan, Dave Bautista)

Check out the poster for L.A. Slasher, opening Friday June 26 in Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Denver, Houston and more cities »»

Mischa Barton Now Modeling E-Cigarettes Says She Regrets Doing The O.C.

There was a time when Mischa Barton was on top of the world. »»

Mischa Barton Thinks Marissa Cooper Was a Bad Influence

This just in: Maybe Lindsay Lohan shouldn't have been a "mean girl." »»

Amy Winehouse and Mischa Barton Yell at Each Other in Public

Is it that hard to be an adult? »»

Homecoming - DVD Review

Here’s a piece of free advice from your Uncle Josh: if you happen to be captured by the psycho ex of your current boyfriend or girlfriend (or really any psycho at all) don’t whine or plead for your life, take that sucker out. »»

DVD News: Homecoming

Paramount announces the release of Homecoming starring Mischa Barton. »»

Assassination of a High School President - DVD Review

Bruce Willis has been in Die Hard, Pulp Fiction and Twelve Monkeys; sure he's been in some bad films too, but it just made me sad to see him struggle through this pathetic attempt at what some might call a film. »»

Sundance Selection Misses Theaters, Coming Straight-to-DVD

It's seems that being an official selection at Sundance doesn't make a film an automatic pickup for theatrical release. Such is the case with Assassination of a High School President which stars Mischa Barton and Bruce Willis. Sony Pictures is ditching the once-heralded Sundance gem to a DVD release this October, just as the school year settles in. Check out the full press release inside. »»

Walled In - DVD Review

Walled In had potential. A few months ago, this looked like a good idea for a film when I first read about it on IMDB. You have a haunted/possessed building horror film with an interesting cast featuring Mischa Barton, Cameron Bright, Deborah Kara Unger. Then the trailer hit and it featured some creepy claustrophobic moments and a jumpy soundtrack. But then it was announced that Walled In would be a direct to DVD release. Uh oh, a DTV release. But is the movie really that bad? »»

Get Walled In with Mischa Barton this April!

News on the latest direct-to-DVD horror flick brought to us by the fine folks at Anchor Bay Entertainment. »»

Virgin Territory - DVD Review

There are certain genres that should never be mixed when it comes to the world of feature films. For instance, mixing a horror script with that of a drama doesn't make much sense now does it? The absurdity would be the same if one were to combine an action film with the plot of a romance. These same rules should apply when trying to take time periods in film and put them out there for the viewers to see. In what was one of the only failures, in my eyes, of the late Heath Ledger's career; A Knight's Tale tried to take a medieval time period and throw in some modern day mannerisms and music. Virgin Territory does the exact same thing and let me just tell you that I wasn't fond of it when Ledger did it either. »»

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