The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes - Episode 3 Review - Power Rankings

With two teams exiting last week, one because of the challenge (Wes and Mandi) and the other because of sheer stupidity (Vinny and Sarah), that couldn’t happen again could it? It could. This week’s episode started with a haphazard expla »»

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes - Episode 2 Review - We Are Challenged Podcast

Welcome back to another episode of the We are Challenged podcast where Liz and Matt dish on everything related to MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. This week we look at the second episode of the season which included not one, but two teams »»

The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes - Episode 2 Review - Power Rankings

So episode two is in the books and it was a barnburner.  Certainly a significant improvement over the lackluster premiere. The second episode brought fisticuffs, friskiness and flying tops. Two teams left the show leaving only 10 competitors, »»

The Challenge: Battle of the Exes - Episode 1 Review - We Are Challenged Podcast

Welcome back to the second episode of the We are Challenged podcast where Liz and Matt dish on everything related to MTV's The Challenge: Battle of the Exes. This week we discuss what happened in the season premiere and what we expect for future e »»

The Challenge: Battle Of The Exes - Episode 1 Season Premiere Review - Full Cast Predictions

Make no mistake about it, MTV is the innovator of reality television. The network which started the reality revolution with the Real World has always been the trend and precedent benchmark for all of the copycat network voyeuristic programming »»

Katy Perry Named First MTV Artist Of The Year

In a first for MTV as a whole, Katy Perry was named "Artist Of The Year" by the company in total.  Previously the station had compiled "best of" lists in its various departments, but Perry's run of #1 singles in 2011 convinced them to band together »»

Selena Gomez To Host MTV Awards

MTV has announced that they will be having Selena Gomez hosting their European Music Awards. Selena is also nominated for the "Biggest Fans" award. The only hope she has of anyone tuning in to watch her host, is if she has Justin Bieber attached to h »»

Legendary Music Manger Johnny Wright Continues His Search For Next Music Supergroup in New Web Series On the Spot

The man who realized it was none other than world renown music manager, Johnny Wright. Yes, the same Johnny Wright who has been involved with the biggest pop acts of the last three decades, starting with Snap! and New Kids and the Block, and setting the pop standard with the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and 'NSYNC. He has most recently worked with Justin Timberlake, the Jonas Brothers and Ciara has had featured roles and executive producer status on hit TV shows like MTV's Making the Band 3, E!'s House of Carters, and MTV competition show StarMaker. So really who else would have the created On the Spot? »»

Jersey Shore 2011 Spoilers: Kenny Santucci Officially Announces Retirement From MTV Challenges... Jersey Shore Next?

MTV Challenge veteran Kenny Santucci recently announced his retirement from the MTV Challenges after finishing second on MTV's Fresh Meat 2. The self-proclaimed Mr. Beautiful released a video on (see below) where he participated in a mock press conference announcing that he is done with the challenge franchise. »»

MTV Skins Premiere Episode Review Episode 1-1

The first episode of the U.S. version of Skins looked a lot like the British version. The show follows the same format where each episode is focused on one character. The first episode was on Tony and while the British version of the same charact »»

Queued Up: Comic Book Movie Edition – Tank Girl

There are few comic book-to-movie adaptations as enthusiastically untethered to logic or poise as Rachel Talalay’s big screen version of Tank Girl. »»

MTV's Skins To Raise The Sexuality Bar On American TV

There has been a lot of hype for MTV's new scripted series Skins and when it premieres next Monday, it is almost guaranteed to have everyone talking. The show is a non-fictional close-up of young people (though, in this case all of legal drinking »»

Moulin Rouge! - Blu-ray Review

Beloved hyper-kinetic musical gets deluxe treatment for high-definition release. »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Mandi Moyer (MTV Cutthroat) [Podcast]

I love Mandi Moyer.  There, I said it.  Along with Laurel, she is my favorite on the MTV Challenge and we became good friends after I met her at the Fresh Meat 2 reunion party in New York.  Most remember Mandi as being the newbie who carried W »»

Reality Dish Interview w/Cara Maria Sorbello (MTV Cutthroat) [Podcast]

I first met Cara Maria Sorbello at the Big Brother Finale / Vegas Bash last month and we hit it off right away.  Maybe it was because we were what seemed like the only two people who weren't on <I>Big Brother</I> at the party, but we »»

Reality Dish: Interview w/TJ Lavin Host Of MTV Cutthroat [Podcast]

The MTV Cutthroat Challenge premieres tonight and I had the chance to catch up with the host... TJ Lavin to talk about everything that is going to go down on the latest donnybrook between former MTV Real World and Fresh Meat contestants.  TJ tal »»

Chelsea Handler Talks VMA Plans, Tries to Be Funny

Chelsea Handler let's everyone know what body part she'll be showing off. »»

Scary Movies (and Super Creeps) - Parasomnia

Parasomnia has the soul of an excellent film. Too bad it’s hidden beneath a heavy layer of unnecessary fat and ugly editing. »»

Chelsea Handler to Host MTV Video Music Awards

PEOPLE reports the unfortunate news that Chelsea Handler is getting a chance to shine. "Wisecracking author and E! talk-show host Chelsea Handler has been tapped to liven up the MTV Video Music Awards as host of the Sept. 12 show. "'The censors ha »»

Don't try this at home: Jackass 3D Trailer blows up the net

Warning...this is going to be awesome. »»

Daria: The Complete Animated Series - DVD Review

Who would have thought that a minor character about two of the stupidest characters in animation history would become the focus of the smartest thing ever produced on MTV? »»

Warren the Ape Spices Things Up on MTV and the Big Screen

Warren The Ape is a parody of "the life of a celebrity" reality show, focused on the trials and tribulations of a D-grade celebrity puppet who is attempting to clean up his act, patch up his relationships and scramble his way back into the Hollywood limelight with the help of his doctor, Dr. Drew Pinsky. His new show premieres June 14 at 10:30pm ET/PT on MTV. »»

The Hills: Season Five, Part Two - DVD Review

The Hills was once a great reality show that was an innovator in the "reality TV" game. But once record ratings hit things stopped being "real." »»

Jersey Shore Cast To Be Replaced?

My god, they expect Snooki to get a JOB? »»

Is JWoWW Engaged?

I thought she was just in love with herself? »»

Fresh Meat Wednesday – IPTV Interview Exclusive: Sarah Rice (MTV Fresh Meat 2)

Sarah Rice and her partner Vinny Guadagnino's elimination in the second episode of MTV's Fresh Meat 2 certainly was a shocker. On paper, Sarah's brains combined with Vinny's athleticism seemed to be a can't miss combination for success. Alas, aft »»

Fresh Meat Wednesday – IPTV Interview Exclusive: Jillian Zoboroski (MTV Fresh Meat 2)

Jillian Zoboroski is partnered with Pete Connolly on MTV's Fresh Meat 2, and the pair have already proved to be a force in Vancouver as they eliminated Darrell and Cara Maria in the premiere episode. Gauntlet 3 champion Jillian, won more than just »»

Fresh Meat Wednesday – IPTV Interview Exclusive: Laurel Stucky (MTV Fresh Meat 2)

Laurel Stucky is partnered with Kenny Santucci on MTV's Fresh Meat 2, and the pair have already proved to be a force in Vancouver as they eliminated Sarah and Vinny last week. Laurel is uber-competitive, super tall and definitely has a wild side. »»

Adam Lambert Picks Todrick Hall As American Idol On

Last season's American Idol runner-up has made his choice as to who this year's winner should be. Citing his Twitter page, says that Lambert tweeted his support for Todrick Hall, the controversial contestant who has gotten himself in some ho »»

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