Blu-ray Review: Gone Girl

War of the Roses is child’s play compared to the antics of Nick and Amy Dunne. »»

Insidious - Review

The dynamic duo who brought Saw into the world see if they can bring the screams, without the blood. »»

Hot Teaser: AMC's The Killing

Four minutes of AMC's upcoming drama The Killing, a murder mystery based on the Danish series "Forbrydelsen." »»

Unknown - Review

Is Liam Neeson’s latest worth seeing? That answer will remain unknown unless you check inside. »»

After.Life - Blu-ray Review

Can this thriller stand strong even on a weak foundation? »»

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Review

A fantastically crafted mystery that shouldn‘t be missed…


Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Choo-Choo Express - DVD Review

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is meant for young children and Choo Choo Express is just another entertaining and educational addition to the series for them. »»

In the Electric Mist - DVD Review

Perhaps it helps a little that the setting is in my home state, but you have to admit that it brings in great shrouds of mystery and add a lot of spookiness to the story making it that much more intense. The same can be said for the comeback eighties' slasher film Hatchet which not only brings about the ambiance of the city of New Orleans but the fear brought about by the surrounding swamps. »»

Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two - DVD Review

I'll say this about the Fatman: he's proof that you can make it in showbiz without being a pretty face. William Conrad (Cannon) had a great gig for an actor that didn't want to pay the high cost of glamour. He's supposed to the be the District Attorney for Los Angeles, but he can't solve the case of the missing razor. Even on trial days, he's got more stubble than Don Johnson on Miami Vice. Max, the bulldog, spent more time in the makeup trailer than Conrad. It was Conrad's gruff that made Joe Penny look so slick as Jake, his main investigator. Penny's the legs while Conrad relaxes in his cushy desk chair. Jake and the Fatman: Season One, Volume Two gives us 11 more cases of Law and Odd Couple. »»

Anamorph - DVD Review

Films about serial killers need to find a way to be extremely unique if they aren't modeled after true-life events or else they fall into the "same ol' same ol'" bin. Whether it is setting elaborate traps for people to get themselves into or wearing a black suit with a ghost face and killing teenagers, something has got to stand out and really hit viewers in the face so that they'll pay attention. It also helps to have an investigation from the good guys that seems to pick apart the pieces of the puzzle one by one much like Edward Norton did in Red Dragon. Anamorph actually tries too hard and overemphasizes to the point where confusion sets in and that's never good. »»

Anamorph brings art to homicide scenes this December

The art of killing is brought to the next level with the upcoming Anamorph. What artist is terrorizing the town? The folks at Genius give a hint in this press release: »»

Deception - DVD Review

Predictability is not the only thing that plagues Deception, but it plays a big part in keeping the film very uninteresting. No, what bothers me the most are the huge plot holes; including one in particular that is what the whole film is centered around. »»

The Happening - DVD Review

M. Night Shyamalan has always presented his films in a rather deep and disturbing manner; only to have them turn out to be something good or not anything like what you were thinking. By now we know Shyamalan as the guy who is going to bring about some crazy twist that makes us sit up at the end of the film and exclaim, "You've gotta be frickin' kidding me?" »»

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