Blu-ray Review: Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis

If you’re an Aquaman fan you’ll most likely enjoy this film more than I did. »»

Castle Quick Shot – 6x13 – 'Limelight'

Where can I get a pair of Beckett's bike pajamas? That's is really the only pressing question on my mind after this week's Castle. Don't me wrong, the episode posed number of interesting issues (and solved a few) – Kate's coming to terms »»

Blu-ray Review: Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson sequel is fairly standard but has a good character undercurrent that most YA adaptations lack. »»

DVD Review: Much Ado About Nothing

Joss Whedon's Much Ado About Nothing is one of this year's hidden gems. »»

DVD Review: Castle (The Complete Fourth Season)

Castle is the sleek and sexy version of Murder, She Wrote. »»

Nathan Fillion, Tim Daly Lend Voices To Justice League: Doom

Latest DC Universe animated original to incorporate eight Justice League TV series alums. »»

DVD Review: Super

James Gunn got his start in the film world working at Troma films. Knowing that makes a lot more sense watching Super, but it may not make you enjoy it more. »»

Blu-ray Review: Super

Let’s get the most obvious comparison out of the way first: Super is not a low-budget Kick-Ass. »»

Rainn Wilson Tells Crime To Shut Up In Super Trailer

The Office star wields a mighty wrench as he puts the beat down on criminals with his teenage sidekick played by Ellen Page. »»

James Gunn's New Movie Gets A Super Poster

Superhero comedy stars Rainn Wilson as a crime-fighter out to avenge a broken heart. »»

Nathan Fillion To Voice Green Lantern In Animated Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

The Firefly alumni finally gets to be a big time superhero. »»

Rumor: Mark Wahlberg Might Not Star in Uncharted After All

Director of upcoming video game sequel denies film casting rumors. »»

Castle - Episode 3-10 Review

As a crime procedural, Castle is one of the least impressive shows out there, with bland, uninvolved crime solving each week. It's hard to ignore the major deficiencies: the crime solving, mentioned above, the secondary characters don't have much to »»

Mark Wahlberg Confirms He Is Nathan Drake in Uncharted

Will be the actor's fourth collaboration with director David O. Russell. Sorry Nathan Fillion fans. »»

Bad Movies Done Right – Fable: Teeth of Beasts

Fable: Teeth of Beasts is a movie so bad it might just give you eye cancer. »»

Nathan Fillion Lobbying to Play Nathan Drake

Fillion, having already dropped his browncoat and stormed the Castle, may be looking to venture into Uncharted territory. »»

James Gunn Sells Super To IFC Films

Rainn Wilson stars as a costume vigilante who fights crime with a wrench. »»

Nathan Fillion Is Ant-Man In Marvel's Avengers Movie!

Honestly, who didn't see this coming? »»

Disc News: Dr. Horrible to terrorize Blu-ray

When asked about the Blu-ray release of Dr. Horrible, Barney Stinson was quoted as saying it would be "Legen...wait for it...dary." »»

Joss Whedon In Final Talks to Direct Avengers

Risky move for Marvel Studios could pay off big »»

Joe Torre To Moonlight On ABC's Castle? (PIC)

IMDB recently posted that Los Angeles Dodgers Manager Joe Torre will guest star on an episode of ABC's Castle. It is, actually, true reports TV Fanatic. To see a pic of Torre on set, just click HERE Credit: TV Fanatic »»

Brendan Campbell's Best of the Aughts

The variety that will be seen out of the IP Movie staff’s lists will be interesting, and tell a little about their personalities, as well as the types of movies they enjoy. »»

Trucker - Review

Michelle Monaghan tries working the “Getting ugly = Oscar success” formula to mixed results »»

Castle: The Complete First Season - DVD Review

With a rich ensemble cast, clever writing, and a strong lead in Nathan Fillion, Castle is a fun show whose strengths outweigh its weaknesses and it's a show that I look forward to every Monday night. »»

Let's Be Bad Guys All Over Again with Serenity on Blu-ray

Browncoats have a reason to rejoice this Winter as Universal plans to release Serenity on Blu-ray on December 30th. »»

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