Stadium Cuts 'Sweet Caroline' From Playlist

The music of Neil Diamond will no longer be 'touching' crowds at Penn State Stadium. Some university officials were concerned that the lyrics "touching you/touching me" could be deemed inappropriate, in the wake of their former asst coach being convi »»

Justin Bieber And Usher Light Up Rockefeller Center

Nothing makes you feel more Christmas-y than the warm fuzzies you get from listening to the Biebs. Justin Bieber headlined the event put on at Rockefeller Center, which kicks off the Christmas season by lighting up the Christmas tree. He was joined b »»

SXSW Film '10 Preview — Reel Injun

Neil Diamond, the Cree filmmaker not the singer, has put together a really fascinating look at Native Americans and how they influenced Hollywood — and how Hollywood influenced them. Reel Injun uses interviews and archive footage to take a peak beh »»

MGF Reviews UB40 - Greatest Hits

UB40 - Greatest Hits Virgin / EMI (9/30/08) Reggae / Pop Is UB40 essentially a cover band? It's kind of difficult to deny when more than half of the tracks on this Greatest Hits compilation are revamped from someone else's catalogue. Probably close to ninety percent of the population knows UB40 for one of their cover songs, which have always been their biggest hits. From Motown to rock to old-school reggae, the band has shown time and time again that they can craft a new, reggae-laden hit out of an older classic. But it wasn't always that way. In 1980, the lads from Birmingham, England, released their debut album, Signing Off, on Graduate Records. Hitting the record stores just as the 2 Tone sound (spearheaded by bands like The Specials, Madness and The Selecter) was starting to taper off, UB40's (band name taken from a British government-issued unemployment form) sound had a darker tone, much truer to the rich, murky dub sound (complete with reverb-a-plenty), with socially and politically adroit lyrics (one of the album's biggest hits was the MLK Jr. tribute, "King"). "One in Ten", which appeared on the band's subsequent album, 1981's Present Arms, was a scathing attack on the overly ideological views of then-British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and it's unfortunately the only representative of the band's earlier, doom-laden, dub-rich sound. This stuff is so good that it could have been released on Trojan Records. »»

Neil Diamond: Live 1976, The Thank You Australia Concert - DVD Review

In 1973 Neil Diamond announced that he would be taking an extended sabbatical from live performing much to the chagrin of his legions of fans. In 1976 he set out on his first major tour playing several shows throughout Australia, a country that loves him. The last night of his tour was televised live so that all those Australians who couldn't make it to one of his shows would still have a chance to see him. Now, 32 years later, the rest of us have a chance to see this same show. »»

Mannix: The First Season - DVD Review

Joe Mannix wasn't made for a 21st century mystery series. He couldn't deal with the "works well with others" attitude of the various CSI and Law and Order series. He punched the clock for Intertect, a private investigation corporation, but wasn't a company man. The selling point of Intertect was a massive super-computer that gave them the edge on cases. Mannix didn't care much for science. He operated with gut instinct and street knowledge. He was a tough guy, but he wasn't haunted by a dark secret. He drank without being an alcoholic. He'd punch a woman if she swung at him. »»

A Moment's All I Ask - 4.30.08

Well, it was Neil Diamond week on American Idol; yeah everyone, let's get really excited... I hate to say it, but I'm a very, very, very passive Neil Diamond fan. I had no idea how much I'd not enjoy his catalogue until the contestants had to sing from it this week. Don't get me wrong, Neil seems like a great guy, but I think he's a better songwriter than an actual performer. Since I had to go through it, let's just sum up Tuesday night as easily as possible: For the first song set, everything was pretty standard, and nothing jumped out as particularly memorable. Then Paula flaked and we got some of her infamous "forward thinking" while critiquing Jason Castro on his two songs, though in actuality he only performed one. Hilarious and embarassing. »»

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