Horrible Bosses 2: Horribler Bosses (Title Pending) In The Works

The other 2011 summer restricted comedy hit that isn't mentioned as much as The Hangover Part II and Bridesmaids is getting a sequel. »»

The Final Destination - DVD Review

Bet you can't figure out what happens in this movie. HOW'D YOU KNOW? »»

Four Christmases Finally Comes to DVD and Blu-ray

Christmas movies are a special situation. If they are released in theaters between November and December one year, they won't be available to own on home video until a year later. Which probably explains why Four Christmases is finally making its arrival to DVD and Blu-ray this November. »»

Austin Powers Collection: Shagadelic Edition - Blu-ray Review

This set is good for some laughs every once and again, but dropping at least forty bucks for something you probably already have on DVD or have seen recently on cable really isn't necessary. Not to mention that the special features are incredibly disappointing and don't bring about any urge to keep on sitting down and spending more time listening to things like "randy," "Yeah, Baby!", and "goooolllllddddd!" »»

Amusement - DVD Review

It's funny right? Just remember that statement and see if you agree with it on a creepy level or on a "really?" level when all is said and done. »»

Appaloosa - DVD Review

So I'll come right out and admit that I've never been a fan of the western. The occasional will come around that thrills me and that is Tombstone or even Unforgiven. Hell, every once in a while I'll also check out one of the old Clint Eastwood or John Wayne flick simply because there's nothing else on television and they are mildly interesting. But it's just not my cup of tea to sit there and watch the Old West and experience what people did without electricity, indoor plumbing, and Blu-ray players. Yet, I decided to give Appaloosa a try because it's got Ed Harris in it. Ed Harris people. The guy just screams "cool psychopath." »»

The Women - Blu-ray Review

Remakes of popular films are really tricky to pull off. In fact, you could probably count the number of successful modern remakes of classic films on one hand, and maybe not even need one or two fingers. They usually get made by people who obviously love the original work, but also think they can do it better. But as the old adage goes, "if it's not broke, don't fix it!" The latest film to get a remake was The Women, originally a much-loved 1939 film that was based on a much-loved stage play of the same name. Would it actually join the rare remake success status or would it just be another remake that probably shouldn't have ever been made? »»

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2008) - DVD Review

Brendan Fraser is perhaps the lowest ranking star to have as many high profile films per year as he does. When it comes to action films, Fraser is one of Hollywood's go to guys alongside Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson. Throw him in something effects laden, and relatively inexpensive to make, and Fraser will inevitably draw enough crowds into theatres to justify the expense. »»

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Love is one of those things that is the best thing to ever happen to someone and also the most confusing all at the same time. One can go through their entire lives falling for person after person and always thinking they love them, but never finding that one true love. Then there are those that can find a special someone and know they are the "one." It's hard to say which is worse, never being able to be with your true love after finding them or never finding them. Either way, that is a love worth fighting for and if you don't; then perhaps you never really wanted them in the first place. »»

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