Food Network Star - Episode 7-9 Review

The top five got to make their own Best Thing I Ever Ate segments, then had to serve dinner to a panel of celebrity comedians. Elimination turned out to be mildly surprising when Whitney was sent home instead of Mary Beth. I like Best Thing I Ever »»

Food Network Star - Episode 7-7 Review

After a disastrous camera challenge, an eight-course dinner at the house for Wolfgang Puck leads to the first shocking elimination of the season. For the top eight's “midterm exam" camera challenge, the top eight had to make and present their si »»

Food Network Star – Episode 7-5 Review

This week, the top ten got advice from past winner Guy Fieri, then presented dishes to a crowd of a hundred and fifty Food Network fans. Similar to their camera challenge with Alton brown, the contestants were each assigned a segment of a Diners, »»

The Next Food Network Star Episode 7-1 Review

Food Network starts off the seventh season its hit reality competition with a two-hour premiere. The format hasn't changed, and the show started to drag after the first hour, but on the bright side I know more contestants' names at this point than I »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episode 6-9 Review

This week, the top four were flown to New York City, then thrown into Iron Chef America's Kitchen Stadium. However, they weren't there to take on an Iron Chef of their choosing – instead, they had to battle each other. And take a turn as battle com »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episode 6-7 Review

This week, the contestants struggled through both challenges, which is dangerous at a point in the competition where anyone could go home. For the Camera Challenge, last year's winner Melissa D'Arabian told the contestants they had to make a savory »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episode 6-6 Review

The leader board was shaken up again this week when contestants had to reinvent old classics to be served at Frank Sinatra's estate. For the camera challenge, contestants had to make a quick hors d'oeuvres for the type of party they were assigned, a »»

The Next Food Network Star – Episode 6-5 Review

This week the contestants experienced what it's like to work at the very bottom of the culinary totem pole, just like Paula Deen did – who was their guest judge. For their camera challenge, contestants had to “put themselves in a bottle" with th »»

The Next Food Network Star – Episode 6-4 Review

Apparently, reinventing classics isn't as easy as the Hollywood film industry makes it look – the contestants struggled this week to reinvent the favorite dishes of three leading chefs of the culinary world. One contestant slated for the chopping b »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episod 6-3 Review

Contestants were forced to work with each other in order to cater a party for recording artist Colbie Caillat. She and Guy Fieri served as guest judges this week while Bobby Flay was in New York. Before the party, the contestants had to do a camera »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episode 6-2 Review

The Next Food Network Star – Episode 6-2 Review Though their cooking challenge took place on the Santa Monica Pier, the contestants didn't have any time for fun and games this week. They were way too busy catering a party for a hundred of Ace of »»

The Next Food Network Star - Episode 6-1 Review

The season six premiere of The Next Food Network star wasted no time pointing out which contestants are probably making it to the end, and which are already hanging on by a thread.  Other than the contestant run down, however, some overall show cha »»

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