Super 8 - Review (2)

Nostalgia only takes you so far. »»

Super 8 - Review

Mediocre imitation of a Spielberg film »»

New Film Clips for Super 8 Revealed

More is being revealed .. .and it's stunning »»

Super 8 Debuts Another Trailer

JJ Abrams latest debuts top notch trailer days before cinematic release »»

Super Bowl Movie Trailer: Super 8

J.J. Abrams' enigma movie is still an enigma, but those SFX shots sure are pretty. »»

J.J. Abrams Adds to Super 8 Cast, Started Shooting

The super secret, hush-hush project involving J.J. Abrams and that Spielberg guy has commenced filming. »»

Pride and Glory - DVD Review

Talk about a new and different cop movie. This is it. In this cop movie, one of the cops is dirty and dealing drugs. Wait, what did you say? That's not new? That happens in almost every cop movie? Oh, well, in this one, the dirty cop is part of the family with the good cops. Oh, that's been done too? In the words of Spaulding, "Double Turds". »»

Pride and Glory - Review

Solid police procedural nearly ruined by its final 20 minutes »»

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