Star Trek, Cheers, And More Beaming Down To Amazon's Instant Video Service

Fed up with Netflix? If you're a member of Amazon's Prime service you may have an alternative. »»

Numb3rs: The Fifth Season - DVD Review

Crunch your checkbook and get the calculator out to make sure you can fit this one into your budget because if you're anything like me then it takes more then my mind and an abacus to add one plus two plus one plus one. »»

Numb3rs Gets Its Season Shortened By 6 Episodes

The numbers keep going up for CBS shows like NCIS, How I Met Your Mother, and The Good Wife, but the opposite is true for the network's Friday night staple Numb3rs. According to Variety, CBS has reduced the season's order from 22 to 16, making room »»

CBS Lays Out Premiere Schedule For the Fall

CBS will take the concept of "premiere week" very seriously this fall, launching nearly its entire lineup the week of Sept. 21. The only outliers on the Eye's launch schedule are Survivor: Samoa, which will debut Thursday, Sept. 17, and the new medi »»

Numb3rs: The Complete Fourth Season - DVD Review

Oh what a surprise, I'm reviewing another television crime drama series. It seems never ending, but let me tell you that I'm beginning to find out there are a lot more worthy shows on the air right now that I've unfortunately been missing out on. Still, when it comes to the crime drama, the creators need to come up with something unique or they're simply going to fall into the same, generic bin as most of the others out there. You've got to make it about naval crimes, or deal mostly with forensics, or put Lieutenant Dan in the lead role and let him showcase that sneer in the name of all that is good and just. Or you can have a team of brothers pair up with one being a hard-nosed cop while the other is a mathematical genius that can solve clues with numbers. »»

Numb3rs: The Complete Second Season - DVD Review

Available at Creators/Executive Producers: Nicolas Falacci, Cheryl Heuton, Ridley Scott, Tony Scott and David W. Zucker Cast: Rob Morrow .......... Don Eppes David Krumholtz .......... Charlie Eppes Judd Hirsch .......... Al »»

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