Blu-ray Review: X-Men: First Class

The comic fan in me kind of hates X-Men: First Class, but the movie fan in me really enjoyed it. »»

X-Men: First Class - Review

Superhero franchise turns back the clock, rises to new heights »»

New International Trailer for X-Men: First Class

New international trailer for one of Marvel's summer blockbusters »»

Love and Other Drugs - Review

Strong romantic drama that nearly overstays its welcome »»

Bryan Singer Offers Clues to X-Men: First Class Characters, Setting

X-Men: First Class to feature the Hellfire Club, '60s setting, comic book-inspired costumes. »»

More X-Men: First Class Casting News - Oliver Platt is a Man in Black

No he will not be playing Johnny Cash or a boy named Sue. »»

Please Give - Review

A solid indie in a year filled with them »»

Year One - Review

Worse then advertised »»

Wonder Woman: Two-Disc Special Edition - DVD Review

Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman - DC Comics' big three. The men have been subject of countless animated TV series and DVD movies in recent years. After appearing in many Justice League stories, Princess Diana finally gets her own animated movie. »»

The SmarK DVD Rant for Ready To Rumble

I think it's only fair that, in the wake of Mickey Rourke's amazing performance in The Wrestler receiving an Oscar nod, we journey back to the last time someone made a serious attempt at a movie about pro wrestling.

Unfortunately, the movie was Ready to Rumble. »»

Frost/Nixon - Review

Opie does it again »»

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