NCAA News: Utah Close To Joining Pac-10

That would give the Pac-10 twelve teams and allow a confrence championship game. »»

NCAA Roundtable: Thoughts on the Conference Re-Shuffling

With all of the changes that have or will be coming to the NCAA, a few of the writers have their own opinions on what will happen... Daniels: I don't follow college football much, but it seems like 4 super conferences on the way to a 4-team playoff »»

NCAA News: Big 12 Pushing To Keep Conference Intact

Texas and Texas Tech both are scheduled to discuss conference alignment on Tuesday with Oklahoma discussing it Wednesday. »»

On the Forum: NCAA Super-Conferences

Over the last week, we've seen what appears to be the beginning of the NCAA Super-Conferences. With Nebraska and Colorado leaving the Big 12, what will happen to that conference? Will more teams follow? Will the Pac-10 become the Pac-16? If so, d »»

NCAA Re-Alignment Starts: Colorado Joins Pac-10

With all of the talk of NCAA re-alignment, nothing had actually happened...until now. The Sporting News is reporting that the University of Colorado is set to announce this afternoon that they have officially accepted a bit to join the Pac-10 Confer »»

NCAA News: Pac-10 Chancellors Give OK On Expansion

Another big time confrence is looking to expand, and attack the Big-12 at the same time. »»

Blatant Bias

I hardly believe this is coming out of my mouth...well...fingers...but whatever... Let's say Michigan State knocks off Ohio State this weekend, OSU follows that up with a tough game at Penn State so all of a sudden OSU has two losses and still has to go to Michigan, which no matter how bad Michigan is, that's still a loseable game for OSU. So they could end up with 3 losses. »»

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